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Ok, you guys informed me that my HP 7200i is worthless if my basic usage is to copy games being that most new games require the ability to both copy unreadable data and overburn, the latter of which my HP 7200i does not do. It also needs to be compatible with burning software that can copy multiple tracks (like CDRwin or DiskJuggler or Nero or CloneCD) that can also copy safedisk games. The only thing I can get working with my HP 7200i is Duplicator for one-track, safedisk, non-overburn CDs, and Easy CD-Creator for multiple-track, non-safedisk, non-overburn CDs. So, I can’t do much anymore.

I would like to get another burner that can do all of those. An IDE one. I don’t want to play with SCSI and I have no need to copy disk to disk. Besides, I can’t afford to buy a SCSI reader and then a SCSI writer. My main purpose is to be able to throw an exact image of any game CD on my hard drive. Then I can burn it from there. Can anyone suggest a good IDE burner for under $200 (preferably under $150, but I don’t really know what the prices are these days – I bought the HP 7200i for over $300 but now I see most SCSI ones with the cards bundled non-oem are like $240-ish so, an IDE one without the SCSI card SHOULD be cheaper).

I have been recommended Teac IDE and Plextor IDE drives but I’d like a rundown of exactly what model numbers and what capabilities they have and what compatibility they have with existing CD-burning software (CloneCD, DiskJuggler, Nero), and also what price I could expect for them.

I know I type a lot, and I apologize if I gave anyone a headache. Thanks in advance for any information!



I myself have a 7200i+ drive. I have burnt in the neighborhood of approximately of about 300 cd’s with it. There are ways of getting around the copy protect-schemes.
One way I have found to do it, is use
my cd-rom reader (a Mitsumi) to make an image of the cd. Then I burn it back. I have used clonecd and nero and a few others.
If you want a really good one that actually copies protected cd’s, check out Clonecd’s
Clinic area.The link is http://home.onet.co.uk/~cloneclinic/hardware.htm and look throught the list, sorry I cant offer prices. But the Aopen CD940e/akuPro will read copy protected images.


Go here and look http://come.to/clonecd


If you still wanna buy a new Recorder, buy the Plextor IDE. There’s only one Plextor IDE burner at the moment, so it should be that hard to find. I myself prefer/Use SCSI equipment, but a friend of mine bought the Plextor some weeks ago and it works great.
About ever new CD-R Proggie support it !

Good Luck,

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