Okay...I got a 5005...now what?



After the disaster with the 5006 I got from Radio Shack, I was hesitant to try again.

I went to my wholesale club store the other day, and found that they’d gotten the 5005 in again, and had ONE left.

On the way I’d not been sure if I’d get one if they still had them, and finally decided if they had ONE left, I’d get it.

Well, since they had just one, I bought it.

NOW what do I do?

Should I go to the Lite On website and look for the upgraded software/firmware (whatever it’s called)?

What do I do with this? Download it, burn it to disc, and then put the disc into my Lite On?

If I do that, will the machine upgrade itself automatically?

Could someone please give me a little info here?

I’m in the U.S., by the way.



By the way…

What will the upgrade do for the machine? Gets rid of cabbage-face and makes it able to record in three-hour-per-disc mode?


gastrof -the latest firmware for US 5005’ s seems to take care of the cabbage face for the most part see here for upgrading your firmware http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=949933&postcount=3

The 3hr mode if your machine does not have it can be done using the program in this post. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=946604&postcount=2

Good Luck


there’s a few other things you can try to do that arent exactly meant to be done, but you should first and foremost find the latest firmware and update it, then check for the green cabbage stuff, if it’s still there, take it back where you got it from and get another player, not a LiteOn, i updated my firmware after i got mine and it still has the green issue, and i dont feel i should be obligated to keep updating firmware on a consumer product that should work correctly out of the box anyways, so i am selling mine(went 4 days past return date at Kmart)