Okay I Broke Down and Bought a plextor premium



Okay after I heard so much praise for this drive, I ordered one :slight_smile:
Now a quick question will the drive’s burning and backing up Copy Protected CD’s be hampered by putting it into an external enclosure ?

I also bought TY CDR’s from rima, as I’m trying to hedge my chances for backing up protected CDs.

Now is there anything else I should know about this drive, any caveits ?


I have mine on a external USB, still works just as well as it did when I had it internal, if you want to be 100% safe though burn at lower speeds (like 24x).

Ben :slight_smile:


Okay thanks I don’t think I plan to burn above that, as I mainly bought it to backup my my games (I’m paranoid about scatching CD’s, I’m told that I am extremely compulsive :slight_smile: ), and to archive important things which I think is important.