Ok WTF? Weird 'Business' e-mail

Hey guys,
I got this email today… I was like WTF when I read it. From what I can tell the headers are real but I’m not sure. Take a look for your self…


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Main body text:

                   FROM :MR John Samuel
                   TEL  :27-83-666-3377
                   FAX  ;27-82-534-7352
                   Johannesburg South-                                   

                                                  URGENT  BUSINESS 



Good day, I am John Samuel, the first son of Mr. Pedro Samuel ,who was
recently murdered in the land dispute in ZIMBABWE . I got your contact
through South-African trade journal hence decided to write to you.

Before the death of my father he had taken me to Johannesburg to deposit the
sum of ($21,000,000.00) Twenty One million united states dollars) in one of
the private security company, as if he foresaw the looming danger in
Zimbabwe . This money was deposited in a box as Family valuables to avoid
much demurrage charges from the security company. The money was meant for
the purpose of new machines and chemicals for the farms and establishment of
new farms in Swaziland.

This land problem came when Zimbabwe PRESIDENT , MR ROBERT MUGABE
introduced a new land act reform which wholly affected the rich white
farmers and some few black farmers ,and this resulted to the killing and mob
action by Zimbabwean war veterans and some lunatics in the society. In fact,
a lot of people were killed because of this land reformed act of which my
father was one of the victims.

I and my family who are currently staying in South-Africa decided to
transfer my father’s money to foreign account since the law of south Africa
prohibit a refugee (asylum seeker ) to open any bank account or to be
involved in any financial transaction through out the territorial zone of
South Africa. As the eldest son of my father ,I am saddled with the
responsibility of seeking a foreign account where this money could be
transferred without the knowledge of my government who wants to take
everything that we have got .

The South African government seem to be playing along with them . I am faced
with the dilemma of investing this amount of money in South Africa for fear
of going through the same experience in future since both countries have
nearly similar political history ,moreover the South African foreign
exchange policy does not allow such investments as an asylum seeker.

As a businessman and honest person ,whom I have to entrust my future and
that of my family in his hands and I must let you know that this transaction
is risk-free. If you accept to assist me and my family.

I have two options for you ,firstly you can choose to have(25% ) percent of
this money for nominating your account for this transaction ,or you can go
into joint partnership with me for the proper profitable investment in your
country. Which ever option you want, feel free to notify me . I have also
mapped out (5%) of this money for all kinds of expenses that will be
incurred in the process of this transaction ,while the remaining (70%) will
be for my family investment in your country.

Please send your reply to my private email address (
john_samuel205@yahoo.com )

Kindly contact me with the above phone:27-83-666-3377 and fax
line:27-82-534-7352, while I plead with you to treat this with
confidentiality it requires.

Yours faithfully

Mr. John Samuel
(for the family)

I look like a scam… 25% of 21 Million USD? Haha yeah please.

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This is one of the oldest scams around. Good for a laugh only.

I would report it to your isp. Like chas said it’s a scam. Hope you notice they use hotmail for their email. If they had such money why do they have to use hotmail.

They used to be sent mainly from Nigeria. Its amazing how many have been caught out

Haven’t seen one of these in a while. LMAO!!!

NIgerian email scam…usually referred to as a number… (419)
There is one guy who made a website where he explains how he tricked them…

Couldn’t find the exact site, but here is an interesting link:

I receive one every few weeks…they go straight into the trash can. :wink:

Your not sure if this is real??? hahaha come on as soon as i saw ‘NIGERIA’ and the mention of xxxxxx amount of $ i was sure it was BS, infact as soon as an email mentions millions of pounds/dollars etc unless your a multi millionaire who deals in that sort of money its BS.

Hmmm I think I got this mail (or a very similar one) over 3 years ago. Too bad, it won’t fool me… :wink:

I remember an email circulated a while back saying Bill Gates would give you $10,000 for forwarding the email to your buddies. :slight_smile: ( btw, I never got my check, so Billy boy owes me some dough … jk :slight_smile: ).

wonder if his real name is binlarden? deffo a scam would you write to a stranger and let him keep your money? as said earlier trash can is the place for it

  1. Create a fake email account on hotmail or other. …

  2. Send them details of a fake account at XYZ bank.

  3. Email them back and ask them how the whole deal is going occasionally :wink:

  4. Laugh.