Ok which out of the list is the best too buy



Liteon 4x DVD DUAL R/RW IDE BURNER - Retail Box LDW411S


Nec 4x DVD DUAL R/RW ND-1300A



or the MSI dual

iam looking for a good burner ie burns film xbox games etc… and does nt waste dvd media on burns

plz i do need help thx i hope poeple reply:bigsmile:

according to this post the liteon is a ruff buy now and i should wait for a firm upgrade too see if it will do xbox. ive also have liteon burners but it looks now as if there falling behind is this true?

Pioneer is probably the most compatible burner at his time. Sony does poor support for OEM burners. Liteon have yet to make any positive impact on the DVD scene, one keeps waiting for them to do what they did for CD writing and of course prices!!! They only started making their own burners in July prior to which they marketed Sony.

I’ll wait a little and see when LiteON firmware updates starts to pop up. I think it is rather soon :slight_smile:
Besides I have no money…

It depends on what you want to use it for.

The pioneer is excellent in every way, except when it comes to copy protected games/audio. Also the CD-Writing/reading is slow. But it have superb media compatibility and write quality.

The Lite-On is young at the market and write quality and media compatibility needs to be improved. Else this one should be good for copy protected stuff, and the CD-writing/reading speeds is high.

I don’t know the sony…

I don’t know the NEC to well either, but there is a large share of users using this one…there is also unoffisial firmwares that adds better media compatibility.

The MSI dual is a Sanyo CRD-BPDV2…read the review at our pages if you are wondering how it is…

I got the Sony OEM drive (DWU14A) and once I had flashed the most current firmware - it works like a charm. Of course, I’ve only been backing up movies with it.

If you want to buy NOW, get the Pioneer

If you want to buy later, probably the LiteON (as it’ll be cheaper)

I’ve got the NEC, Pioneer, and 2 x LiteON CD-RWs, 1 Philips CD-RW, 1 LG CD-RW, and I always come back to the Pioneer drive for DVD-Writing, and always back to the LiteON for writing CD-Rs.

I’m also waiting for the LiteOn to get better reviews, and possibly a firmware update.

In the UK, the pioneer can be had for 100 pounds, and the LiteOn for 90 pounds, and this isn’t likely to change for a while.