OK which one of youall need more computer equipment

Police seize $30,000 in computer hardware from restaurant
Mountain Home police seized about $30,000 worth of computer hardware believed to be part of an international scam from a local business.
About 2 p.m. today, police confiscated boxes of computer equipment from Home Pride Cafe in Mountain Home. The owner of the restaurant is fully cooperating with police and could have been an inadvertent victim in the scam, said Mountain Home Police Chief Carry Manuel.
Police say the restaurant owner was writing to someone on the Internet, who mailed computer hardware and asked the owner to forward it to Great Britain.
Police believe scammers in Great Britain had bought the computer equipment after stealing financial information from a legitimate business in Tahlequah, Okla., Manuel said.

The Oklahoma business contacted investigators Wednesday afternoon, but police had been investigating the alleged scam since August, Manuel said


What kind of fool offers to send something overseas for people they don’t know?

I agree the statement ( inadvertent victim in the scam) to me does not sound right, it is always what people here say when they get caught helping someone overseas rip someone off here. They had a show on TV about this and everyone said they were a victim themselves, and had lost shipping money from the deal. Tthey did it was because the thought they were going to get rich of this. It the same old con get someone to listen when you tell them they will get rich all they have to do is help do something that will not cost them much and then use them to steal from someone else.