OK..where is this great U9 firmware



I have seen reports of this new fw being special…and in prior thread it said it was anyday…like weeks ago…



I guess it’s still stuck around the corner… dont know which corner…


i know that their are folks out their with a testing copy of it…i always love a good leak…hint, hint…


ok…if this is true what are improvements on this fw…I can wait for a release but would like so tidbits to see if it is worth the hype over P9


It looks like they are taking more time to beta test U9 which can only mean good things. It’ll be worth the wait I believe. I’m hoping for much improved write strategies on media other than the best media available… we could see a lot of speed-ups in this firmware. Rip-lock removed for 16x DVD read speeds would also be an absolute joy!


Not only the new U firmware, but also 2 utilities to come along with the firmware.

One is turning of WOPC i guess, so you can burn a few second faster with more errors :wink:
For the second one i dont have a clue.


mabey the second utility is a version of qscan that is accurate…well one can hope.


@spryfly - LOL, quit reading my mind. See the Qscan thread. :wink: hehehe


I hope it will provide needed improvements for all media…speed is nice so long as quality burns continue…


That’s for sure!


I hope it doesn’t effect the burnquality.


It’s on a U boat in the Benq Sea and hasn’t surfaced yet. It’s comming,and will surface soon. (I hope)


It’s Chinese new year over there - so nothing much happens this week.

My benq contact is not back in office before last week of this month as an example.


Two? :rolleyes:
I wonder it’s a integrated utility…with at least four major function…


Hey I’veGotanItch yo man keep up the humuris posts man. The U Boat in the sea of BenQ. Loved it.


Well it looks like Sen has it already. B7U9 that is :wink: Share the wealth Sen. Look at the quality test here > http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=858886&postcount=5


that jitter scares me…


Aha… Sen, gotcha!! You guys in SG always hide something from us, no more hiding :wink:


Bring it on, Bring it ON !! :bow:



It was recorded with a LG GSA-4163B.