Ok, what should i put in an external enclosure?



I’ve been searching and reading around here for the past couple hours. I was wondering what is the best combo so far for drive and enclosure?

I am purchasing this to supplement my laptop combo drive and it will be used only to back up DVD movies. So fast read and write speeds are most important. What should i get guys??? i have firewire and usb on my notebook.

Also i’m currently deployed to iraq so where could i get these online? also i don’t mind buying oem or rebadged, any thing thats cheaper is fine with me.


PC users, choose Prolific PL-3507 based enclosure (aluminum is better than plastic).
update PL-3507’s firmware via usb2
use the drive via firewire for the best performance

I have tested with 1640, NEC3540, Plextor-716A. All hit 16X smoothly. No problem at all.

recommended model: anything called ME-340U2F no matter what the brand is, Walland, Bytecc…


I suspect you only tested 16x reading performance - not 16x writing performance.

Few drives can write at 16x when in a PL-3507 enclosure in my experience, and the NEC 3500 (older than 3540) and NEC 4551 (newer than 3540) cannot get above 14½-15x on my system, so I very much doubt that the NEC 3540 can.

My LiteOn 1635S both reads and writes at 16x over USB and FireWire in the same enclosure however! (and also in another cheaper PL-2506 USB enclosure)

The LiteOn drives use UDMA Mode 4 instead of the much more common (for optical drives) UDMA Mode 2, and that makes all the difference! I believe the Plextor PX-716 also runs UDMA Mode 4, and the BenQ 1640 can run UDMA Mode 4 if you flash it with firmware for the external version of the drive.


so the liteon 1635s is the way to go? I’m just burning movies and maybe various data but nothing real important, just want a good fast burner.

what websites can i purchase these items from? I’m deployed to iraq and the internet is really slow, when working so its hard to search around and find the best deal.

So i guess just a liteon 1635s and a PL-3507 enclosure??? any other suggestions or is this what i need? as i said i really don’t have a prefference, just want some thing fast and dependable.


You can get the Liteon 1635 in its own enclosure and most likely do just as well as the Prolific chip with less hastle. I am not sure whether Newegg will ship to an APO but it is worth a try.


so the liteon is the best burner to buy? it seems every talks about benq or nec? especially for the price of that liteon, it doesn’t even have firewire?


These days it is really hard to find a [I]bad[/I] burner. I have two Liteons and 3 NECs, 2 LGs, 2 Pioneers, and eventually a BenQ whenever the ding dongs in their service department can send the right drive.

I would prefer the newer Liteon, the 165P6S, but the 1635 should do fine as well and given your external need it is ready to go. If you want, you can certainly build your own, getting the drive from Newegg and the Plumax enclosure from Dealsonic:http://www.dealsonic.com/plpmblcousb22.html

I don’t know about shipping overseas, but as to putting it together, it is really simple.

Of all my drives, the Liteons do the most in terms of features. If you use quality Verbatim MCC or TY media they all burn about the same. I would have no trouble recommending Liteon.


There really is no “best” drive, but I’m happy with my external LiteOn 1635S - it’s not as good at burning CD-R as my NEC and Plextor drives however (don’t know about my BenQ drive yet). So if CD-R burning is very important to you, there are better choices available.

Even though a 1635S is the LiteOn i have now, I would most probably buy a 165P6S instead if I had to buy the drive now, since the 6S series has more firmware capabilites.

There is one little problem you may want to know about the current LiteOn 5S and 6S drives. This problem exist in the released firmware versions, and has been solved by LiteOn in firmware that haven’t been released yet - but will be released as soon as testing is finished.

The problem is a non-standard lead-in when burning DVD-R media, and this makes the DVD-R disc unreadable in some players/drives.

As I said, the problem has already been solved in firmware that will soon be released. But if you need to burn DVD-R media now, you need to be aware of this issue.


Glad you pointed that out, I forgot to mention that important fact.