OK we can ID the Write strategies on Discs but what about the Read method?

I use the ID tool to view the write code on the disc and the way, and speed, my drive will write to the disc. But what about the read speed ??

I have some TDK DVD+R CMC MAG-M01 That write at 16x, and they work fine on my LG H55L. But when I go to read them, they Bench out at 2.3 --> 6x / 4.5x Avg. CAV TRT. There is no way to force a faster read. Drive speed in Nero only lets me reduce the speed. DiscSpeed’s read controls will not increase the read test either. So obviously the Firmware has a lock on the read strategy. But I haven’t been able to find a tool that would analyze this or overide it. I mean what could it hurt to bench the max read speed until errors occur. Disc quality tests do not work with LG drives. More importantly, if the drive can write at 16x why can’t it read better than 4.5x Avg. :confused: . Maybe its just the drive design; where other Drives may respond to the speed settings for increasing speed. I know LG doesn’t want us to do Disc Quality tests; but I can’t see why we can’t determine the read strategy for a specific disc before we buy it. I mean if I want to transfer video files to my HD and play them from there, I would like a fast read speed. I had some Memorex +R DLs that are rated at 2.4x write and my Drive will only write them at 4x. It worked and they burned fine. The MID said 2.4x on the disc but my drive would not let me write them at 2.4x. MCSE shows that Ritek D01 at 2.4x,4x. But once again the firmware says no 2.4x . It burns the discs 100% anyway so I’m not worried about it. But … it reads the disc CAV topping out at 12x on the layer break, perfectly, a 10.5x Avg. . So I don’t know what’s going on but I’d sure like to better determine and control how my drive reads.

But alas … maybe not with the LG drive.

It all depends on the used media & drive combination, and without doubt Ritek DL media is cheapo cheapo cheapo.

Funny thing is Chef, The Ritek gave me a real slow write speed but a reasonably high read speed that was accurate (did a FC DOS binary comparison) . And the TDK gave me a high write speed and comparatively Low read speed. (Accurate -FC binary comp)

What is LG doing. I want them to cough up the facts; I don’t care how technical the details are. Ohh … maybe the the Laser power is too strong for low speed writes or maybe its too weak at 16x write for accurate reads on this kind of Dye. … I don’t care. There is too much mystery in all this. Time to crack open this arcane science…