Ok to purchase Verbatim DVD+DL made in Singapore?

My local best buy has a 10 pack of Verbatim 8x DVD+DL on sale for $20. Now I could be wrong and if I am please correct me. I have heard from different sources that the best media should read either “made in Japan” or “made in Taiwan” Well when I looked on the box it had said these particular discs were “made in Singapore” I have never even used + media before, let alone DL+ media. ive been a loyal verbatim - media user. I think im ready to take the plunge to DL+ because I hear DL- dont play well in some older stand alone dvd players. I just wanted to run this by the much more informed folks here and ask them if a made in Singapore Verbatim product would be up to snuff. Thanks

NEC 3540a 1.03

Excellent quality media… the Made In Singapore MCC media is at Mitsu/Verbatim’s own plant there, and has the best QC of any of their media. Buy without hesitation.

Thank you for taking the time to respond Bhairav.

IMO these weren’t that good, comparing the burn quality to my usual MCC003’s.

Well, uh… They’re dual layer! Comparing them to single layer media is a little unfair.

The Verbatim dual layers are MID MKM 001. They are the best in dl.

Not only are these are okay, they are suggested as the #1 best DVD+R DL available

I checked best buy online and do not even see the verbatim dl listed anymore…what up?


The 19.99 sale was last week!

Yup, they are the ONLY D/L media that I will invest money in. Way too much variation among the other manufacturers.

Their 6x rated (MKM003) are also top notch. :wink:

MKM003 are 8x rated. :slight_smile: link


Yup, just a minor mistake. :wink:

For +R DL 2.4x and 8x rated exists,
for -R DL only 4x rated.

But both can be burnt up to 8x, two drives actually manage to burn up to 10x DL+.

8x certified DVD-R DL is coming soon from Verbatim!


I hope these make it to the US soon. Where are they?

I’ve been able to buy some of them here in Italy (click the link), but they are DAMN expensive… € 5.99 each :eek:


Why? When the 2.4x discs burn just fine at 4x or even 6x on most newer burners and they are SOO much cheaper when you buy them on sale.

'Cause my standalone player has trouble with the layer break/second layer on the ones I’ve burned so far. The few scans I’ve seen of MKM003 look like the layer break and second layer might burn a bit better. I’m hoping my player likes those better. :confused:

But that has nothing to do with the media (2.4x <> 8x), but with the authoring and burning software.