Ok to multitask during conversions?



Is it ok to run a browser or other programs while encoding with D2SRoBa and DVD2SVCD? How about during a burn?


At your own risk. Its always best to give your system all the resources you can offer to prevent errors, especially during burning. Turning off all unecessary sytem tray apps like your antivirus, helps too.


I multitask when burning but thats maybe just me but when encoding i dont as this uses 100% cpu power.


Yea, burning isn’t really a concern, I can wait 12min to use my comp. Its the 2 hour encoding that bugs me.


There is absolutely no problems when using the computer while transcoding/encoding or whatever. It will just takes longer and make your other activities slower.
No biggie. Hey, that is what computers do: compute :slight_smile:

Burning is a differnet issue. The burning software must feed the burner all the time. If you slow down the writing process there are consequences: possible quality issues. Years ago before the “burn proof” drives, this meant a coaster. With the “burn proof” this is not coaster, but may depend on the drive, and why take chances?
You can do light multitasking when burning, provided you do not use the disk so much, and you have fast computer. It is better if you have 2 hard drives, and you burn from the drive you do not use for system/other programs. Also, burning ISO should be more gentle on the system than burning files.


Thanks, I do have a decent system. Like I said, I could wait 12 minutes to use the computer while a dvd is burning, no problem. I just can’t wait 2 hours for the encoding and whatnot to finish. As long as this won’t mess with the quality of the final product, this is good news.


2 hour encoding? Wow - my entire process using DVDShrink/Nero takes about 15-20 minutes per DVD. Am I missing something?


What exactly you do that takes 2 hours? a high % transcoding with deep analysis in DVD Shrink or another program? (ripping and burning not included)
Again, you can use the computer even much during ripping and transcoding/encoding, nothing to lose, just everything is a little slower.

The only time you want to be gentle is when burning, as it is still much better to make sure the DVD burner device buffer is full at all times.


Yea I was including dvdshrink (deep analysis) among many other things. It really takes 1.5 hours, but I was including the little things, like authoring, etc.


There is absolutely no problems when using the computer while transcoding/encoding or whatever.
What about if an app you constantly use that uses little system resources, decides to crash/freeze while your at 98% of a transcode or burn?


What if I get hit by a bus crossing the road tomorrow?? :smiley: :smiley:

I agree with @Goudo, for the most part, especially as @rbpk says he has a decent system.


Again, you can use the computer even much during ripping and transcoding/encoding, nothing to lose, just everything is a little slower.

i have to disagree.
i have experienced pixelation and freezing during encoding before from multitasking
it may not cause problems every time, but why gamble. i never do ANYTHING while encoding


Do you have conclusive proof that the pixelation was caused by multitasking & not bad media or over-compressing?? Or even a bad/dirty laser in the player.


Different issues transcoding/encoding and burning. Why do you people insist on making them equal?. I say it again, you can load your system 1000 applications and do encoding, it only be slow, it only be disk grinding swaping memory. THAT IS ALL. This is what computer do, compute and disk access.

I do not talk about on-the-fly process where you transcode and burn in one cycle, but on two separate processes.

Burning has a special problem, you must keep the drive happy by feeding it faster than it burns. Yes, the technology of “burn proof” allows buffer underruns without creating coasters, but for myself, I do not want the drive to be in this situation.


Nonesense and impossible! 1 + 1 = 2 regardless if the program has all the CPU or very little. It just takes longer to comlpute.

You must have bad memory or bad motherboard, that the bad part is coming to play when you load the system.

Again, if you have some on-the-fly program that transcode and burns in one step, the LIMITING factor is the burn, so you must be gentle on the resources just for this reason, for the burn part.


Well to answer the question directly, it depends lol … lets phrase this right… you should not distract the system when its burning, this could cause errors or issues on the target disc. The reason is because the burner flow is constant, usually from a buffer, the burner is not designed to stop for a second, do something else, then pick up where it left off, however, there is a margin here, as long as the actual burning process is not inturpted then you shoudnt run into problems. The buffer keeps information ready for the burner ahead of time.

There is no problem with using resources while encoding. Keep in mind that its probably not a good idea to hog them though , browsing, downloading, chatting on msn would not really effect that with the exception it might take a few seconds longer in the end to complete the actual encoding. If you want to know how much resources are being taken up goto your rightclick the taskbar and goto “task manager” here you can see how much resources a given application is using at a given time. Most apps are resource friendly and use the most power when launching, compiling, converting ect… some resource hogs are “expecially webcams”, some media players, scanning software, and java applets such as yahoo games that have a constant streaming connection.

As a rule I just let the system be when its burning, when its reading I browse, and chat, and listen to music. This way I dont make a coaster, I just restart if I-tunes freezes or something goes wrong.

Hope that helps


What about downloading in mirc while burning?


downloading would hardly affect the encoding process unless you’re downloading so incredibly fast that it slows down the hard drive transfer rate for everything else, in which case i’d like some of that bandwidth. :wink:


Unless it’s a self extracting virus :wink:


I think you misread. I was wondering about BURNING a dvd while downloading on mIrc.