OK to flash pioneer 108xl to piodata108dx and how?

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

A friend of mine gave me his Pioneer 108 drive, to set up bitsetting for him. I’ve done this before on a 108 using dvrflash and the piodata 1.14 fw changing the drive into a piodata with bitsetting.

This drive however is an XL version, and won’t allow me to flash it with dvrflash and the piodata fw, since it’s for the older 108dx version burner. I get an error message about my drive being and xl version, then process aborts.

I’ve been doing alot of reading in here and didn’t find much about the 108xl and bitsetting with the piodata fw. I did find one post about someone using dvrupdate instead of dvrflash and it worked. Sooo I’m wondering

  1. Is it really SAFE to flash an XL to the piodata DX fw, and is dvrupdate the only way (something I’m missing in dvrflash?)??
    Is all you lose the quietdrive feature or whatever it’s called, or are there larger consequences?

  2. Is there possibly a bitsetting fw out there thats meant for the pioneer108xl? If piodata doesnt have fw for the xl 108’s, does anyone?

Thanks for any answers :slight_smile:

Only normal 108 drives are available as OEM, and PIODATA only sold OEM Pioneer drives. XL drives never were OEM.
You can flash the Piodata firmware either with DVRFlash or DVRUpdate, but you need the correct KERNEL file in any case.

Flashing is always a risk. But sometimes an old slogan comes into play: “No Risc - no fun!” risk=risc here

Thanks chef for your reply. Ya I know flashing is always a risk, but I ask because you should at least have the CORRECT firmware before you take that risk. I’m asking because if dvrflash won’t allow me to do it, is it really a firmware that will fully work on this drive (aside from the quietdrive function)??

Ya I have the piodata 1.10 fw, both the kernel and the main fw. That’s how I did it before, flashed to a piodata 1.10fw with the kernel and main in the command line, then was able to flash the piodata 1.14 fw. But you say with dvrflash??
I used the DVRFlash -vf e: (fw names of kernel and fw files) and it still didnt work, with or without the f in the command. Just tells me I have the XL drive and aborts. Is there something I’m missing in dvrflash to force this firmware to the piodata one?? Different command line?

Also, where to download dvrupdate and the kernel and fw I may need here? So far the links in the posts I’ve been finding here dont seem to work.

OK, got the dvrupdate 0.9 link to work. But still any advice on my other questions would be appreciated.

DVRFlash deliberately refuses to flash a DVR-108 to DVR-108XL. It was believed that there was a hardware difference between the XL model and others, making it a dangerous risk to flash one to the other.

Please Roscoe, let me know if this is not the case and I’ll remove the block in the next rebuild!

OK, I said screw it and went for it, you just gotta do it sumtimes ya know? :smiley: I used dvrupdate to flash to the piodata 1.10 kernel and fw (I don’t have a kernel for the 1.18fw, so I have to start with 1.10 to first make the drive piodata). It worked and force flashed it. :slight_smile:

Then I found the 1.18 piodata fw from gradius’s site (with the rpc1 and riplock removed). Now that the drive was piodata, I used dvrflash this time to flash it to the piodata 1.18 fw from gradius.

Seems to have worked like a charm. Drive info now says region free. So I first ripped a dual layer DVD, it took about 14min and reached almost 10x, yippie! bye bye riplock :clap:

Then I burned a DVD at 8x on some crappy CMC media I have, worked fine. Got a beautiful scan on kprobe (using liteon 1633s for scanning at 4x), and reports as DVD-ROM for media type now. The drive also has no problems reading and copying from a CD, the only thing I haven’t done is to burn a CD yet. If that works OK, then I guess the drive is fully functional. :smiley:

@Las Vegas- Yes it seems to work just fine. :slight_smile: One thing though, in your post, you talk of flashing a 108 to a 108xl, only thing is, I’m doing the exact opposite. So for 108xl to a piodata 108dx, ya it seems to work, but other way around I don’t know. Maybe you can go down but not up? I will burn a CD and couple more DVD’s to make sure this sucka is workin right and report back.

I was still wondering about the functionality though, is this quietdrive crap the only thing I’ll miss out on here?? I just want to know that I’m not limiting the drive in some other way. Also I don’t want to give the drive back to my friend, then have it crap out on him. Anyone who has information on this matter please post. :wink:

108/108xl -> 108 piodata:

You’ll only lose the Quietdrive function (in case of an XL drive).
You’ll get Bitsetting functionality and if you have applied a patched version you’ll get also RPC1 and also the riplock removed. :slight_smile:

So I guess this would also work for A08XL (US)-> 108DX? If so how what is involved in reversing it back to the original A08XL f/w?


OK, I burned a couple more discs, then ripped a couple more for good measure. Everything seems to be fine with the drive, and all the burns so far have gotten extremely good scans in Kprobe.

Thx for the info chef, I don’t think my friend will give a crap about losing quietdrive functions at all. Now drive has region free, no rip-lock, and auto bitsetting, plus A+wesome burns…perfect :slight_smile: . I must say I’m impressed with this 108 drive, the burns from it rival my NEC and Benq even, both of which get top quality burns.

I haven’t messed around with pioneer drives much, so I don’t know about the A08xl drive. But I’d say if it’s the same hardware as the the 108xl, then I’d assume it would work. As far as flashing it back, from what I’ve heard that shouldn’t be a problem with pioneer drives. They say Pioneer is very good about making their drives hard to screw up permanently through flashing, what I’ve read anyway. I’m not saying you COULDN’T screw your drive, but you’d probably be OK, again though I’m no expert on Pioneer.

I was my understanding, at the time, that there were minor hardware differences between the GENERAL (DVR-108/A08) and the PIO-ADV (DVR-108XL/A08XL) drives. While it may be safe to flash an XL drive down to the General, I saw a number of horror stories as a result of flashing the other way during the development of DVRFlash 2.0. For now, I’m going to enable crossflashing the 108 either way with a “double-force” (-ff) command, leaving the risk entirely with the person doing the flashing.

If anyone can confirm that flashing a DVR-108 to DVR-108XL firmware is safe, please let me know, I’ll remove the block all-together.

Note: The “double-force” feature will only be present in DVRFlash 2.1.1. I will be releasing this version soon. (I do have to test it first! :))

Wow, this is pretty cool. I could flash my DVR-108XL to a PIODATA, as well. I basically stopped using that one. (I put it in an external enclosure in case I want a DVD recorder for my laptop). That 108 set me back $179.99 when I bought it. Now this brings me to if I can put the Buffalo firmware on my DVR-109XL and keep the no rip lock? (I would assume not :confused: ) and get bit-setting for plus media. Pioneer makes great drives, but tends to be too conservative. BenQ seems much more flexable in that sense.

There have been some people claim that the rip unlock remains after flashing to Buffalo, but no-one has posted documentation to prove it. It’s safe to flash to Buffalo firmware, but most find the rip speed is locked again.

Yep, I just find it suspicious that it obviously only should work by coincidence…

Just try it out if you want.

I have been tempted to go out and buy a new burner that bitsets +R media to -ROM…after I saw this thread I thought I try flashing my A08XL to the PIODATA firmware.

Well, it went off w/o a hitch using DVRUpdate. I copied one of my DVDs without any issues and it successfully bitset it to -ROM. It even plays in my four year old toshiba set top player that wont play anything but pressed DVDs.

I couldn’t be happier and I have all of you to thank…


Hey thanks LasVegas for adding support for this in your next version. Wise move to have made dvrflash stop the user if you were hearing horror stories about this. I could see where going from non XL to an XL could be a bad thing. Maybe you could make dvrflash to allow XL —> General, but not allow General ---->XL?
Also thank you so much for all your hard work developing dvrflash Vegas. I know its taken many long hours of your time. Just to let you know your efforts are appreciated. I love you firmware guys, you make these drives live up to their potential and do what we users want them to, ur great. :clap:

@jl1, Glad to hear it worked for you :slight_smile: , -ROM bitsetting is deffinitely the way to go. I know a few people who have players old enough that they only like -ROM discs, just like yours. I’ve even heard of some newer players that don’t like either +R or -R. So nothing beats the booktype of the original pressed discs, they’ll play in just about anything. Saved you some $$ too eh? :wink:

This is now an undocumented feature of DVRFlash 2.1.1. This way, anyone attempting it knows full well the risk they’re taking. To flash a 108 to/from a 108XL, you need to enter the force command twice. IE:

DVRFlash -ff X: R8150008.110 R8150108.118

Again… This is entirely at the risk of the flasher! Don’t come crying when your drive is toast as a result. Note also that in order to convert, you will need the Kernel file. As above for flashing an XL to the PioData DX, you need the kernel from version 1.10