Ok this is a really annoying problem…

Updated to newest CloneDVD & AnyDVD 2 days ago now my problem is…

I can backup my DVD’s no problem but after CloneDVD finish reading the original in my DVD-Rom it starts recording to my blank in my DVD-RW but if I leave the original in my DVD-Rom after a short while (I think when it goes idle) most/all of my pc locks up!! I cannot use internet or start-up/close other programs at all, CloneDVD is still writing to my disc no problem but nothing else will work.

The strange part is as soon as I press eject on my DVD-Rom all is ok again, all the stuff I tried to start while it was locked up all starts up as if I had just pressed on them ?

Any ideas ???


Are you reading then writing from drive to drive?

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Are you reading then writing from drive to drive?

I am reading from my samsung dvd-rom and writing to my plex dvd-rw which has worked this way for months.

Anyone ???

What power supply do you have in your PC?

It’s a 430w m8 but it has been fine with that this is just a new problem… which goes away if i eject the idle disc out of the dvd-rom (its fine if the disc is been accessed)

It’s just my opinon that you would be better off to save the image to the harddrive first, then burn it to disk. I would not recommend reading and then writing in one process, or you will get problems like what you are having. Your problem is not your power supply, you have lots of jam. One possible problem could depend on how much ram you have. You should be running a least 512mb of ram, anything less your taking you chance, and by looking at what you are describing it looks like you are having a resource issue and your pc is locking up.

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