Ok... then the winer is

I have to buy a CDR. I already bought a Sony 52x one but didn’t get to use it because I flashed it with the wrong file from the beggining (f*ck!). So now I wan’t to buy another one.
I haven’t heard good things about THIS Sony burner. It’s the 225A version. It comes from Liteon, but some people say they have problems with it. What about these other options (all 52x)?

AOpen Chamaleon
AOpen Retail (more expensive than the Chamaleon :confused: )
or the Sony one.

Thanks in advance.
(Oh, and the one that can do the most “backups” the better) :smiley:


i would go for the latest plextor premium
seems to be very good when you look around on this forum

but it is a bit more xpensive.

the latest Lite-on would be ok also

None of those are in the list.

i know

that is why i didn’t respond at first

just giving advise…sorry

I would buy the LG: it’s cheap, it’s fast, it’s reliable. No reason to spend more money.

Money is not a problem. So what I’m looking for is a good burner that can do Safedisk and all that stuff. I think LG can’t do this last SafeDisk 2.9 so… I know it’s a good one… but what about the Samsung? I’ve never seen a review of it. Any one knows how good it is?

Oh okay. Sorry, I misunderstood the word “backup”. Obviously you do not mean the same as I did :wink:

Thought you needed a reliable burner for backups… of documents and stuff like that :cop:

Hahaha!.. that’s why I put the " " there :smiley: hahaha

Go for a Plextor Premium or the Lite-On 52327S, both 52x speed and although not in your list, these are the two kings at the moment.

I think the Sony 225A may be the same as a Lite-On 52327S. I know it’s a Liteon… but not sure wich exact model.

Out of the list you provided, I think the Sony is the best and the LG is the next best. Still, I also would recommend the Lite-On LTR-52327S or the Plextor Premium if you could buy one of those drives.

Puff… I sure would like to buy a Liteon… but no Liteons here in Salamanca :confused:

OK… new guy in the list: Plextor W5224TA

It’s the same as the 52x Premium but without some gadjets (like GigaRec etc) I’ve hear that 1.03 firmware can do very well on game backups. Is it true?