Ok, tell me what you think

I have come here for quite some time, have helped a lot of people (or at least I think I did :wink: ), even now that I should be doing other things I try to visit this place as often as I can and try to help people as best I can.

Lately I see a lot of new people here, which is great (please have as many people join here as possible, themore the merrier), but it seems that people ask first and think later.

This forum is a vast source of knowledge. Is it not because of the many visitors that have a combined knowledge of perhaps larger than any encyclopedia, then it is for all the questions that have been answered in the past and can be found through the Search function.

So tell me, am I just a pain in the butt for pointing people to the Search function when they ask a question of which I think has been answered before? Let me know :wink:

ps what I am trying to prevent is to become a whiner and that people do nothing but point to the Search function, but it is a fact that a lot of answers can be found using the search…

I think that Da_taxman is right (again).

I’d like to say more but I haven’t spoken English for months so I can’t explain really well :eek:

You are right to point out the search option some weeks can see virtually the same question asked but maybe in a slightly different way. It is also a lot quicker than waiting for reply’s, if your question has already been asked there’s a good chance there will be a lot of excellent answers and helpful links to look through.

cosmicray :slight_smile:

Live Long And Prosper;)

I’ll agree, however it’s difficult for newbies to

a) understand how a forum works
b) know that there is a search function

Maybee it might be a good idea to edit the “joining” e-mail to say this is how it works type of thing…

just a suggestion - I know I’m quite new here, but I think things do have to be made bleedin obvious for some people.

and one other thing - Tax, if you’re thinking you’re a whiner, you’re not - you’re just getting too sensible in your old age :stuck_out_tongue:


I think he’s absolutely right. I’ve been posting now for about a month but I followed the forum already quite a long time. I think people not familiar with forums should first look around, see how things work and then join the forum.
The first thing I do before posting a new question is searching the previous posts. It seems like such an obvious way to get the info you want. If it isn’t there, then it’s sensible to post the question.
Not before.

Originally posted by mr_claypole
I’ll agree, however it’s difficult for newbies to
a) understand how a forum works
b) know that there is a search function

It is newbies (up to 10 posts) I tend to cut some slack, but if everyone who joins a forum would read the Tips etc we have drawn up, it would save us all time I think. It is this link that can be found in this forum at the top of the topics list.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to send it along with the confirmation e-mail, but how many people do actually read it then? (how many people read the instruction manual before installing new hardware, not many :wink: )

It is not my intention to come down on newbies or anyone else in particular for that matter, but this is an attempt to make people aware how other people look upon this. It is because I am very well known to this forum that I tend to forget that I too started as a newbie once and I always hate to be the big bad boogeyman that always sounds grumpy and keeps pointing to the search function.

Originally posted by mr_claypole
and one other thing - Tax, if you’re thinking you’re a whiner, you’re not - you’re just getting too sensible in your old age :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps…but luckily I have you and others to point me to the right direction and let me know when I become annoying myself :wink:

well Taxie,

The searchfunction helps me and the other admins to save some time…:slight_smile: And The time we save we can use on more useful topics which haven’t been answered yet :slight_smile:

And for the ehiner part I’ll tell a story:

The first time we ever met I asked the waiter for 2 beers :slight_smile: You looked at me and said: I’d like a cassis plz :slight_smile:

Point is: you corrected me when I made a mistake (cause I did it several times again :slight_smile: and I will do the same if you do make a mistake :slight_smile: What are friends for eh?

As a person and member of this forum,. I have sometimes seen the same question asked repeatedly(how to copy aoe2:aok - the conquers), the search thing comes to mind.

Some newbies and people dont use the search function. Sometimes it is easy to answer the question immediately. I have had some issues that I asked about here and have gotten answers, heck I even posted in the wrong spot(lack of sleep and couldnt see and sick all rolled into one), but not on purpose.
I agree with you Tax about the search function, it is easy to use, and people should use. If we were to put all this information into encylcopedia’s, there would be enough to give brittianica a run for there money(cd, technical wise.) I am also a member of the list for Roxio and see the same thing for that, but usually it is complaints of EZCD and Direct(total piece of crap - except the old versions 3.0 3.5), I can see where your coming from when you are posting and stuff, and see the same thing repeatedly…

And your not whining man. But if you sound like you are we can remind ya…just kidding man, relax and enjoy a cold brew.

But you have helped me in more ways than one(lotsa people) I have always enjoyed coming and checking to see if there was something I could help someone with. I have been burning cd’s since 1996 and always come across a person who has problems like I did when I first started, but the protections were’nt such a pain in the neck then either. Sometimes I might give crappy advice but nobody is perfect.!!

yup, i’ll stand corrected on the :

how many people read the instruction manual before installing new hardware, not many )

you might get a few who heed your advice though - ya never know.


i agree very much but everyones problems maybe different but everyone should use the search function but that kind of takes the personal contact away from the forum
Cheers Taxman - you have my respect

Sure, everyone gets to post before me. :stuck_out_tongue: Yep, he’s right. It happens quite a bit now, like about a week ago with the “microsoft protection” threads.

–2 more days of freedom.

Made this one a sticky topic now…some people tend to forget this issue so I wanted to remind everyone of this.

And it is not only to nag, but if you use the search your answers might turn up quicker and you can spend your valuable time on other cool stuff (writing articles for CD Freaks…after the cracking the audio-protection article we had about 80,000 visitors per day…that is quite some exposure you could get for an article…you can become famous writing for CD Freaks :wink: )

I agree with anything

erm next time run a search before postin this, already been through this topic a number of times


j/k :wink:

It’s all about the Search button! Whenever I join a new board, and I belong to a lot of them, I just leark for awhile, if I need more info or I’m looking for something I can’t find in the headers, I head for the search button! Nuf’ said.

Well as a newbie to this forum (not forums in general), I have seen the ‘search function’ mentioned time and time again, in my brief visit.
Sure its a handy tool for those who wish to use it, but this is a FORUM after all, and a forum is an assembly for the disscussion of questions of public interest, not a search engine.
Repetitive questions can become a bit annoying, but show me a forum board where this doesnt happen.
BTW - this post isnt meant to be disrespectful in any way, just telling it as I see it :stuck_out_tongue:

But, because things happen another forums (as well), does this mean people can not say anything about it here?

I may be a newbie in name, but it strikes me that people are sometimes really ignorant or plain lazy by posting a question that sometimes has been posted only 2 topics below theirs.

Certain questions can be asked several times during the existence of a forum, mostly where recent developments are involved such as a new writer and how it compares to other writers. But when this question (comparison of writers) gets asked 3 times in a week (if not more) I just cannot understand why people have the need to start their own thread as if they are only out to satisfy their own needs with total disrespect to what has been discussed previously.

Aside from the annoyance it causes other visitors, it is only taking longer for the starter of the new thread to get an answer to his question, it only takes a little effort to hit the search button, enter a keyword (or few keywords) and see what it comes up with. It is a simple fact that it, in the end, can save you time finding the solution to your problem. Even when it has not been discussed in the past, you can learn from other topics still and perhaps help you define your problem better so it will be easier for others to answer your question and hopefully solve the problem.

But hey, I am just a newbie here so what do y’all care :wink:


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