Ok. So I'm new, and I'm here

First, thanks for a great forum… I’ve been reading… and reading… and reading. :slight_smile:

Well, I finally broke down and got the LG DVD Writer, and some blank DVDs…
LG GSA-4163BI RTL For the DVD
The Verbatim 8x 4.7 GB DVD+R Spindle (100 Discs) For the media.

I have two questions.

First, I’ve got a nasty headache reading about all the different software to copy DVDs. I’ve read a bunch of forums, and sites, etc. and I have to say… I’m confused. Just when I think I have it narrowed down I dont! – Some people say there are plenty of free programs out there, others say the better onces aren’t. So my first question is, if I want to be able to backup just about any of my vast DVD collection, what would you recommend?

Second, What do you think of the combo I bought above?

Thanks for any thoughts,



your writer is okay, same with your media…(allthough I don’t like the LG much, but that is just something “personal” :D).

You may have good results with dvddecrypter, vobblanker, dvd43, dvdshrink, a dozen of others…(freeware)

Nevertheless, my personal favourite still is: AnyDVD and CloneDVD.
They have fast and regular updates (concerning bugs, new protections, etc) and once you buy them, you will get lifetime support and updates, plus they will offer you a discount when you buy them both.

The problem is, that there are a lot of programs for the job, and they all got supporters. So you’ll never get the final “hint” on what suits your needs best.

Best free solution is run DVDSHRINK, then DVDCRYPTER. Fast, accurate, and great burns. DVDCRYPTER even has a build in bitsetter (for changing +r to -rom), for many popular dvd writers. They are all that I have ever used for making copies.

What does “DVDCRYPTER even has a build in bitsetter (for changing +r to -rom), for many popular dvd writers” mean? (Sorry for the newbie question.)


It means, that it supports bitsetting on various writers. Bitsetting writes a bit to a dvd/r, so e.g. your dvd player thinks, it is a dvd-rom. Mainly a compatibility issue.

I agree with harley2ride. For backing up my movies, all I’ve ever used is:

  1. DVD Decrypter for ripping (free program)
  2. VOB Blanker for removing unwanted parts of the DVD (Free program)
  3. DVD Shrink for making it fit on a single layer DVD+/-R (Free program)
  4. DVD Decrypter or Nero for burning

Good luck!

While thier are a lot of programs to chose from, if you want to start with the free stuff, I think most would agree (even if they like other programs), dvd decryptor and dvd shrink are the most popular free combination.
As far as pay stuff, I also think that most will agree that anydvd is a must (runs in the background and takes care of all the copy guard, region protection etc. without you having to do anything). It will work with many diffrent programs and thats where opinions vary a bit more (what to use with anydvd).
Personally I love nero. Not only because it is simple to use and very fast, but it is a complete package that does many things besides copying and compressing movies for backup. Clone dvd is also good and their are plenty of others that people like.

This is where I get a little mixed up.

Is there a one software solution to making copies of my DVD commercial movies for personal use?

Anydvd sounds good. Once I use that software, do I then have to use another software to copy onto my blank DVD? Do I need a separate software to compress so it fits on one disc?.

Does the combination of Anydvd and Nero accomplish everything I need?

Thanks in advance

AnyDVD is merely a small application that runs in the background that removes whatever regional protection that may be present on the DVD. For example, CloneDVD will NOT copy copyrighted, commercial DVD’s unless AnyDVD is running in the background.

Nero may not be the best solution for backing up DVD’s. I’d recommend using either CloneDVD or DVDShrink (in conjunction with AnyDVD) as your complete DVD backup solution. CloneDVD has a really easy-to-use interface and is extremely easy to operate.

In answer to your question, yes you will need another program other than AnyDVD to rip your DVD’s, compress them, and burn them. I’m not 100% certain if Nero can rip, compress and burn as I have never used Nero for that purpose. I recommend grabbing CloneDVD and AnyDVD and giving those a shot. That combination has worked 100% for me. Good luck and welcome to the world of DVD burning…

Nero can rip, compress and burn all in the same operation. Clone dvd is good and simple to use but lacks the broad range of capabilities of the full nero package. Either will work fine for movie backups.

ripit: how can nero rip a copy protected DVD? I only ask because I can’t make it do that.

You have to use anydvd. Nero can rip but it cannot get past the copyguard itself. If you have anydvd running in the back ground however recode can do the entire process of ripping it to the hard drive, compressing it if nessasary and burning it. It actually does it all in one step. You have to do a quick pre analysis (takes a minute or two), then once you start it, it will go throught the whole process of riping, compressing and burning by itself. If you are only using one drive, the tray will eject when it is ready for the blank disk. When you close the drive with a blank in the drawer, it will continue automatically. If you have two drives it will do the entire process without the disk swap.
Fyi you want to take the freeware approach instead of buying anydvd, you can still use nero but you will have to rip it with dvd decryptor first. The just import the files dvd decryptor made as if they were a disk.

I agree the BEST FREE software to use in copying DVD’s is DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink. Maybe not as easy to use as some of the single click programs, but those aren’t free, and the learning curve is fairly easy for these two.

Just my 2¢

thanks ripit, will try it, at the moment I’m using DVD DECRYPTOR and DVD2one which work well with nero to burn.

There are several good programs and everybody has thier favorites. I like anydvd with nero recode because it does it all in one step and it’s fast (if you don’t do advanced analysis) plus nero can do a lot more than just copying movies. It’s also the most expensive option though (unless you get an oem copy of nero or get it with rebates). The nice thing is that their are free trials with many of these programs so you can check them out and wee if they are worth the money to you. Many just stick with dvd decryptor and shrink cause they are free.