Ok, so I need to know how to get this to work

I have DVDneXtCOPY Ultimate (3), which I have been told that I should get to do this with. I would like to get DVD movies and port them all to my PC. Hopefully I can get a Flat Panel to watch the movies on. Can someone help me to port them to an avi file or mp4 or what ever is small and portable?


Hi on the left hand panel you’ll see options like full disc/movie only/mobile. For the format you want I would look at either the Zune settings or IPOD settings. To do this simply hit mobile on the left hand panel then under Target select the Ipod or zune there is a drop down box there. Then hit go. If you want to hit the note pad to the left after selecting zune or ipod you can choose different bitrates they can be better for you or not. Every machine and playback device is different.

Is there something else I need to install? I’ve been trying what you said and haven’t had any luck…

I don’t have any experience with DVDneXtCOPY Ultimate (3) but I might be able to help or suggest something else.
First does DVDneXtCOPY Ultimate (3) decrypt or do the DVD movies you are working with need decryption ?

You will need a third party decrypter. For a free one see this thread - http://club.cdfreaks.com/f144/free-third-party-plugin-download-257390/


Is the Machinist 2 updated Like AnyDVD or DVDFab ?
If not you can get DVDFab5 which will turn into DVDFab HD Decrypter after the trial period if you don’t purcahse it.
DVDFab HD Decrypter is the free version but it updates so it will decrypt current movies.
It only does DVD9 on the decrypted rip so you have to compress them.I think DVDneXtCOPY Ultimate (3) will do that.

The Machinist 2 isn’t updated Like AnyDVD, that is why DVD neXt COPY has neXt Techâ„¢ updates for the latest protection schemes to remove the extra crap put onto DVD’s to make it harder to make a backup. There is only one title right now that poses issues and we are waiting on a neXt Techâ„¢ update for, and that title is Doubt.

Would the DVDneXtCOPY Ultimate (3) that effingac has include the neXt Techâ„¢ ?

Yes it is part of the program. But the machinist or anydvd is still needed as DVD neXt COPY doesn’t decrypt.

I had a friend explain this to me.The Machinist removes the CSS & possibly some other encryption & neXt Techâ„¢ handles structure protections & possibly some other protections but not CSS.

[QUOTE=cholla;2282119]I had a friend explain this to me.The Machinist removes the CSS & possibly some other encryption & neXt Techâ„¢ handles structure protections & possibly some other protections but not CSS.[/QUOTE]

That is correct. Wished I said it like that for you, sorry.

Ok… So I’ve been trying to get it to work and I get this error…

[Windows cannot find ‘D:\Movies(avi)\Click.mp4’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.]

Any help… I’m running Win 7 RC and DVDneXtCOPY Ultimate…

Is D your Hard drive? C is mine. Here is a pic(s) on how to do it and yes I too am using Windows 7. When you hit copy now this is when the right side window pops up. I just moved it over for you to see it all. You tell it the name you want it to be and where to save it.

I still get the same problem… I don’t know how it works… and I can’t see your pictures very well (too small)

Sorry for the delay not 100 percent well today but try this. I know it can be done.

You’ll need a PDF reader like adobe to view this usersguide.

[U][B]DVD neXt COPY Ultimate Usersguide[/B][/U]

What is D drive? You can not convert a DVD to mobile and then burn it right after at the same time if that is what you are trying to do.

D drive is just a participation on my hdd… I really should re-install win 7 and group all the drives together, in an raid form (like raid 5 or so). Right now I have 4 drives that are 250 gb so i have created participations on them.

D is where my “movie” files are supposed to be stored.

I will take a look at user guide.


Insure the proper permissions are in place to write to that drive. I use hot swap cage to test various operating systems. So with what is said I can only think that permissions are an issue to write data to it? Can you try to do it to C drive then move it to D? I know you probably don’t want to go those extra steps.

I’ll give it a try…

It has sorta worked… It wrote the file, but when I try to watch it, it says that wmplayer.exe is at version 11 and it needs 12… I’m tempted to just format and reinstall Win7…