OK - So I Go To Bestbuy For The Fuji 8x -


Am I pi$$ed off-

I go down to Bestbuy in San Carlos to pick up the $30 Fuji 8x +R’s (so I can see if the 3500 will do ok with these)-

They don’t have any - so I ask for a raincheck - and some media “expert” who doesn’t know DVD from CD tells me that ONLY the 4x are on sale - plenty in stock=NO raincheck!!!

Any one know where they are in stock in the Bay Area???

Thanks in advance-



Screw Bestbuy and their “experts”

I bought them at www.rima.com for $30 + $5.13 shipping-


did you ask for a pricing on 8x media. when it scans it does ring up at 29.99

Yo unknown1234-

They didn’t have the 8x in stock-


but could you not ask for the price that they have in there systems? and dont they have the barcode on the racks? might have been worth the shot.

btw wtf is up with Yo? are you calling me a yo yo :confused:

I went by the Palo Alto store twice. The second time a salesguy said he didn’t think any of the local stores had any Fuji 8x DVD+R.

I happen to be at the Valley Fair store checking on something else and lo and behold, they had three Fuji 8x DVD+R. Made in Japan. The distinctive scalloped edge on the bottom of the cake box.

I bought the three they had on the shelf. Don’t know if they have anymore in the back.

They printed out three sets of rebate receipts and rebate forms and said I should get rebates for each cakebox I bought.

Yo charred water-

Unfortunately Bestbuy doesn’t have a “back” - they stock everything on the floor - so if it’s not on the shelf or stacked above the shelf - then you are sol - THEN when you get one of their Frys reject “experts” that don’t know $hit about what you are talking about nor their stuff - then you are really sol-

ME - I’m gonna support www.rima.com for my TY buys and save the grief-


The two Best Buys nearest me had them earlier this week:
Emeryville and Pinole stores if you’re willing to drive to the east bay, but that’s a long way to go. With that long a drive, I’d probably take the bridge over to the FRY’s in Fremont for the $29 after rebate deal…but today is the last day, so you only have three hours…

As mentioned above it isn’t worth it. Why screw around with them when he can get the actual TY discs for roughly the same price from rima.com.

Which TY’s are these? Are these the 02’s like the BestBuy ones? Or the better quality(as stated in another thread) 01’s?

I’m referring to the www.rima.com offer.

You talking +R or -R?

FYI They are selling ALL of thier Fuji 8x DVD+R for 29.99 with 5$ rebate. This includes thier 2.4x (not speed marked), 4x, and 8x (Only ones made in japan are Taiyo Yudens). Most of the 8x were sold out on the first one or two days of the sale which ends today. So all that is most likely left is 4x and 2.4x.

In other words, stick with rima. :smiley:

yea if you don’t know what you are looking for then yes. stick with what you believe is real