Ok, so I finally got MP4s to burn with Nero, but now

I am getting a crappy result. I burn the MP4s with Nero 8 and get real good sound and a solid picture, but the picture staggers(?) a bit. Hard to explain, its almost like it’s on a delay, but not, and it makes it real irritating to watch on a stand alone dvd player or the computer once burned. Anyone familiar with this?


So they play smoothly on the computer before you burn them to DVD?

Correct. I thought it may be my burner, but then I also burned a non mp4 and it turned out perfectly.

Well, if they play correctly on your computer then you know it has to be something in the burn process. Burning software?, burn speed?, brand of DVD?, running other applications while burning?, etc.

Using Nero 8.2ish, I slowed down my burning speed the second time and that didn’t change anything. Using Sony DVD-r. No other apps are running during process. Is it possible my burner just isn’t up to date enough to handle a MP4?

Your burner doesn’t know the difference between mp4 and any other data you burn, so that’s not it. I suggest trying Imgburn, which can be found here at CDF in the Downloads section/ Burning and Backup software and see if that makes a difference. I wouldn’t burn any faster than 8X.

Ok, I did this, then burned with Nero, and it resulted in getting a disc error when I play back on dvd standalone.