Ok so I currently have a 1633s CF'ed to a 1653 with CS09



My question is, overall is it worth it to make another upgrade to the CSOC? From what I’m seeing some media has been slowed down, while the quality of other media has increased. Does this firmware contain any new media codes, like to support the upcoming faster +/-RW’s? I realize that it might be stuck at 4x writing them, but I read in the past that so far the 3S series could not even recognize the faster rw media. So, overall is this new firmware worthy enough to dethrone CS09?
-Thanks for the input.


Read [thread=125561]this thread[/thread]. It contains most of what we know about CS0C at this stage. :wink:

It’s unlikely that the 1653S firmware will ever support faster DVD±RW.


Yeah I was looking at that thread, but as far as I can tell some people think its great, while others think its not much better than CS09. I guess the dust hasn’t settled yet:)

PS Any word on the firmware mod to get the functionality back out of the multi-colored LED on the Liteon 3S series? :smiley: :bow: :bow: :bigsmile:


I’m still looking. I’ll find it eventually…


is there so many information in the firmware, except the media tables, that can’t be compared with another (832s) firmware to find the led control?


The Sony and Liteon firmwares are different enough that you normally can’t do a compare. If one extra byte is added to the code all of the jumps calls and pointers before that change as well. VY08 and VS0G are very similar so I might try a compare. I suppose I really need a good compare utility that will resynchronise after the changes…