OK now that Plextor has added bitsetting

the question becomes is Pioneer far behind? All of the rest of the major manufacturers now bitset (or have alternative rebage fw that do) so I am wondering how long it will be before Pioneer gets the hint?

I think Pioneer will NEVER do that. The reason ? It is the inventor of the -R format, so it will never do things which agree to the competitors’ standards (Plextor supports DVD+R and was the last to make its drives compatible with that).

I usually prefer not to choose among manufacturers that may be in contrast with each other (like the creators/supporters of the +/-R format), but this time I have chosen the Pioneer DVR-108 because my fear of the DVD players not accepting recordable disks has gone and because some users reported its quality was a little better than the NEC’s one.


This weekend, I have remarked that my brother’s home dvd cannot recognized burned +R with the booktype changed to DVD-ROM. On the other hand, it will read and play those that are “unchanged” with the booktype set to dvd+R.
Uhmm. Interesting.

I fully second that. There is no reason for Pioneer to add Bitsetting for SL media.