Ok next.. new compilation

If I have a compilation open and I click open new compilation it takes about 10sec ( like the dev scan :slight_smile: )
PS:still no save as ISO.

Ok… We will investigate this issue…
But saving an image as ISO is definitly possible. Just create a pure ISO compilation, and burn it to the image recorder. Once you are prompt to choose the image name, end it with .iso and that’s all.

No I’m talking about save a data disc (disc copy) to hdd as iso.

Question: Is Nero’s binary and libs highly compressed? If so, then it may have something to do with this slowness?

By the way, burning anything using the image burner does not create a proper ISO.

Hummm sounds weird… The problem might be that your compilation does not fit completly the ISO image standard. If you want to know this, just take a look at the attached screenshot.

Ah. Stupid me… I never opened the browse for other folders and selected the file format type. My bad sorry. Anyhow. It might be better if the file format selector was not “hidden”.