Ok need help i think cdrw

ai am thinking of buying a new cdrw been having a look on dabs

and found
Plextor CD-RW 52r 52w 32rw Ext USB2 RP PREMIUM-U/T3UK
£139.82 inc VAT
£119.00 ex

i don’t no if there is a web site any cheaper and i am sick of my cyberdrive CWO38D i think its getting very very old now

i am looking to makin backups of my games to blanks and just wondering if this cdrw is a safe bet

i live in uk so if there is any cheaper site needs to be uk but am willing to go abroad if they are easy with uk customers

Not to sure if this is in the correct place but please tell me if it is

Plextor is okay and good for games backups’ as well.
A slightly stronger opponent would be an Asus or a Lite-on, and I think they are somewhat cheaper if not the same.

I do not know about purchasing in UK, but I rely mostly on newegg.com and pricewatch.com for comparing and purchasing. Both those websites always list links and ship to the states. Maybe some ship internationally as well…:confused: give em a try and look over.

Hope that helped.:wink:

thks xtacydima will look into lite-on and asus any model’s i should go with for backin up me games with these safedisk and secrum protection’s

The three “main” drives at the moment are the Lite-on 52x, Asus 52x and the Plextor Premium.

SecuROM *NEW - Plextor Pemium
SafeDisc 2.98+ - Asus

Good reliable Uk sites are,

You may find things cheap elsewhere but these are reputable companies with a good history.

great thks Womble

thats why i like this forum many helpfull peeps

great thks Womble

thats why i like this forum many helpfull peeps