Ok my liteon 52x32x52x won't recognize any new cd's

Ok so everything worked fine and I think the reason behind my problems is the latest firmware…but let’s see (R52QS0B.zip) (also could somone point me to the last firmware R52QS09.zip).
Anyhow here is my problem.
When I reboot winxp the cd get recognized as let say Widget 1, then I want to play another CD let say Widget 2 but all my computer sees is Widget 1…even the directory structure…only when I try to open the file it tells me that the file can’t be accessed (since well it’s on Widget 1 and now Widget 2 is in).
So I refresh the cd, I remove the cd, refresh it again, explore it do everything and nothing helps, the computer still sees it as Widget 1. It’s become quite hectic when I try to install a multi cd software then the software will continue to ask for cd-2 and no matter what I do the PC won’t recognize that CD-2 is actually in the drive.

I don’t know I am running out of ideas, the only thing I can point to is the latest firmware update which a did a week or so ago, thus maybe reverting to previous firmware will help…thus can someone point me to where I can get the last firmware? Liteon site no longer has it.

Thanks a lot.

Nothing like writting a post while listenning to the dark side of the moon. :slight_smile:


This is a Windoze issue, not related to the drive usually. You can try turning auto insert notification on or off to see if that helps. Hitting F5 in explorer usually updates the optical drives,

I know how it feels, had the same problem before.

In MS site do a search for KB article 330135. It might solve your problem. Don’t worry, it’s no big deal and you will find a solution soon.