Ok, I've read it all, but still have a question

I’m using a 1620 and am currently using the B7V9 firmware flashed with MCSE speed increase option. My ripping times are great, but it’s time to buy more media.

Is my current setup going to be a good match with these disks? Or is there a better firmware to use for these disks? And what write strategy would you recommend?

All Benq firmware does a good job of burning TY media (if it isn’t a fake)

Those disc are THERMAL printable and won’t work with an ink jet printer.

That’s OK, they all work with a sharpie. :bigsmile:

One of the few discs my BenQ actually did well on.


Yo chas 0039-

Wish I could say that about my 1620-

What a piece of $hit i drew from Newegg-



I feel the same, but at least mine will burn something well. When I need that drive slot, the BenQ goes. You should RMA it. Even th=with the 15% and the shipping you wll get something back. Plus you won’t have to look at it on the shelf. Small price to pay to not have to stare at a mistake forever.