Ok..I'm a newb..Please tell me what to do

Ok, so heres my problem.

I need to edit a “song” for a Flash animation I am going to do, and I cannot stand to listen to it because it hisses so much. It’s a song some friends of mine recorded, and it’s a bad song to start with. It’s supposed to be a joke…but anyway, the mic the used wasn’t good or something. I have Adobe Audition and it is very confusing to me, and i’ve been messing with it for hours. If anyone can help me, please do.

And if you want the sound file to see what needs to be done, tell me and i’ll e-mail it to you.

So basicly you want to add hiss reduction?

Hiss reduction works pretty well, but can make the end result sound bland.

Ben :slight_smile:

Adobe Audition or CoolEdit are too much for me, I rather prefer Goldwave because is easier to use. If you give it a try (shareware), once you’ve opened your song just play around with some of the effects on effects menu.
Note: In order to open *.mp3 files you’ll need to download lame_end.dll (you can grab it anywhere, just look for it in google)

Not to go off topic but can you continue to use GoldWave forever or is there a limited trial period/usage?