Ok i'm a little worried



anyone know the cruise line that Big Mike took on his vacation? I saw about one in the news that caught on fire…and i pray that it was not the one he was on…he was suppose to arrive in jamacia on wednesday…and the news report said the ship sailed on the 19th…which is the same day he left on…i’m kinda getting a lil worried…so if anyone knows any thing please hit me up with the info… Story here from NBC news


^Should know that < and his DW are off on MSC Italian Cruises 03/20 for our eleven day Western Caribbean cruise and <'s very first taste of ‘grappa’-eh!

his left on the 20th




Yeah, whew :iagree: - I’m sure Mike will be back soon to tell us of his first grappa experience. :bigsmile:


Don`t want anything bad happning to ower forum friends … pheew


geeze i feel like such a goof…i found his emal…said
Monday 03/20 - Leave Ft Lauderdale 8:00pm on MSC ‘Lirica’ so its not the Star Princess whew…jumped the gun there for a minute


Actually, I thought it was really sweet of you to worry about Mike like that. A caring post. :slight_smile:


thanks…hes so sweet…and his new grand daughter and myself share the same name…:slight_smile:


Had the same think happning to my dad once … Was on the way home and I called him the cellphone and was taking and it turns out that he was on his home way home to just about 100Km behinde me :slight_smile: … so 20min later I heard on the radio about a car the had crash and gone into the fjord just about where he was … I tryed to call him and NOTHING … Called home and to hear if he had called one of them the last 10mins but. no … My mom and sister got worryed to … I stop and turned around and start speeding to where the car had gone into the fjord. I called the police etc. to hear if the could tell me who it was, but they told that could`s say due to that they had not gotten hold of the family to the man that had crash down into the fjord. Just got more worryied and all of the sudden dad called me and asked if I just drove paste him ??? He told me where he was and I just YEEEESS!!! that was me !!! I just stoped the car and told him the story and he just okei … Man did I get worryed that time.


im sure the big fella would be ok even if it was his ship that caught fire, He sems to know how to take care of himself


well slayer…if it were you on a cruise ship…i would be just as worried :wink:


ohh you are a sweet one aren’t you, even with my Evilness?. I admit I did get a little worried when I read your post.


OMG you have a soft spot…ohhh evil one .:slight_smile:


I think you can touch the heartstrings of most guys S_S…even the evil ones :wink: :flower:


Bah now look what you’ve done you she devil


well, I leave for a cruise tomorrow (out of Galveston, TX). I suppose…wish me luck! :slight_smile:


watch the smokers…they might burn down the ship…

nah you’ll be fine…just stick close to personel if they jump on the lifeboats…jump when they do…


ha ha ha …you know i love ya…:smiley: and i know you love me…so… :flower:



Glad it’s not the same ship. Does he have a laptop/notebook with him?