Ok : If I buy LDW411s, what media do I buy?

I want to be able to burn PS2 backups, X-Box Backups and DVDr movie backups. Obviously so they will play in the hardware used :wink: hehe.

If at all possible, can anyone pick me media they have TESTED and that WORKS in those units above (PS2, XBOX, DVD Standalone)… www.121cdr.co.uk

If anyone can help, thank you VERY much. Sorry to keep on but I really like LiteOn drives but don’t wanna be stuck with a burner that when media is burnt, becomes coasters :frowning:

Thanks again.

I returned my 411s and got a nec 1300a in place

flashed the firmware with herrie’s 1300a hacked firmware

burned 10 different media’s and they all work on my xbox

DONT get a 411s, u’ll kill the discs :frowning:

i’ve got a pile of non woking dvd-r’s burned with the shitty 411

No problem with Memorex 4X discs in stand alone players. I tried them in a JVC, Denon, Sony, and Panasonic.

For movies:
TY DVD-R 4x (Fuji) or Ricoh 2.4x DVD+R (Fuji unrated)

For RW:
Ricoh DVD+RW, again Fuji

Don’t worry about the local nay-sayers, this drive works great with the right media. Although Xbox may be an issue depending on which version you have. See the thread on that topic.

my 401 burns -r and +r with no problems whats so ever and cdrw and cdr to

Just admit that Lite-on screwed up this time!
I use the “so called” good media (Verbatim MCC & Ritek G04) and still the drive is not able to burn a 100% working disc.
YES I have the new firmware and NO I wont hold on to this crap any longer!

I recommend the Lite-on LWD 411S to NO person unless they have lots of money to spend in a quest fore the 100% working media. Good luck fore those who think they can find it.

I’m throwing away (YES throwing away) my 411S because that’s where it belongs, down with the trash, and I’m buying myself a plextor or pioneer drive.

I suggest all to do the same an burn happy ever after.

The 411 drive is working very well for many people, with decent quality media.
The scans are posted in the DVD test forum for all to see.