OK, I ripped a UHD-BD. What now?

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I was able to rip a UHD-BD to the Harddrive successfully via MakeMKV. Creating a new .mkv-File via MakeMKV worked fine as well and both my UBP-X800 and the Xbox One S played it fine via USB including HDR. Even my Sony Android TV was able to play this .mkv-File successfully via USB from the internal “Movies”-App and it even switched the Picture Mode automaticlly to HDR like on the UBP-X800 and on the XBS1. I’m impressed!

But I have to be honest to you, I was never a fan of playing a DVD/BD from a USB-Stick by creating a .mkv/.mp4 or any other M2TS-Stream as a file only. I’m more the “Old School-Guy” who liked to remove unnecessary Languages, Subtitles and the Main Menu itself, so I always burned the main movie with my prefered Language(s) and Subtitle(s) onto a DVD-R or BD-R and I enjoyed the Movie in High Quality as well while saving my Original Copy. I know that there is probably no difference comparing the Quality from a .mkv-File with a BDMV-Disc but I’m even more dissapointed now because the File Manager from the Xbox One S doesn’t allow to copy such large files onto the internal Harddrive, even when you have the 2TB Lanuch Edition (I have one and it refuses to copy my created .mkv-File with 37.6 GB).

I know, I could connect a external Harddrive or streaming the File via DLNA but since I don’t like this method(s), I tried to burn my Movie, which was ripped via MakeMKV onto a BD-R but it seems that this is way more difficult compared to Standard BD-Movies, since I thought it would be cool to reduce the File Size from the Original files (54.4 GB in my Example), so I could burn it onto a Double-Layer BD-R like on those old CloneDVD days).

So I tried it as always via TSMuxer but I know for myself that the last Update from TSMuxer was from 2014 and I doubt that this recognize 4K Movies properly. I saw from the Disc Structure that 4K Movies and 2K Movies has the same structure and TSMuxer recognized the Movie from my Harddrive as well. It was able to recognize that my Files are encoded in H.265 but there is no HDR and the Audio is Faster than the Video (desynch).

Sorry that this is getting so long but did anyone tried this as well with success? I would appreciate it if someone other could test to burn a UHD-Movie onto a BD-R, so we could find a solution.

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Sorry, but I haven’t burned a disc in probably 10+ years… I use Plex (https://www.plex.tv/) for all of my content needs.

Have you considered a centralized storage solution with media handling capabilities? For me it is hard to grasp the idea of ripping a disc to put it back on a disc. I want to eliminate discs altogether in my home.


If you are new to this, I’d consider network storage solution like a Synology or Drobo 4+ bay NAS, fill it with 8 or 10TB discs and store your movies there. There’s just literally no point in ripping and burning to another media. If space is a concern, you could always re-encode using handbrake, but tbh I’d just stick with 1080p rips at that point.

For me, I rip and then play everything through Plex. I can direct-pay 4K rips through my Nvidia Shield - anything that is not natively supported would be transcoded on the fly.


Agreed with above, trying to write it to CD’s or copy to USB sounds painful, ultimately pointless and certainly not worth the time, effort and cost vs. just putting in the disc.
Using MakeMKV you can remove everything but the main movie and the data in the .mkv is identical to the disc so you are not re-encoding/reducing quality (though you can if you choose to).
If you are interested in having your UHD’s available to your home devices without a disc, you will run into some challenges with hardware limitations, just like we did with BR, as it is early in the process. There are also limitations with Dolby Video hdr as it can’t yet be stored and played back from a .mkv container. However there are a number of ways to play it store and play it back, like what Tourman mentions. A cheap HTPC that has a graphics card that has hardware h.265 support is also a great solution that many of us use (including me). Xbox one has never been a great solution but it (kinda) works.
Of course you could just opt for digital only UHD licenses instead of disc and bypass all the technical challenges and costs.

Thank you everyone for you answers but I found that DVDFab has a good solution for my problem and I also found out that TSMuxer removed the HDR in my Stream but now I tested it via DVDFab to burn it onto a BD-R and it worked fine including 4K and HDR, so this thread can be closed.

Thanks again.