Ok i just ripped curb your enthusiam with dvddecryptor

i have all these files, what programs do i use to burn them. i have downloaded a buttload

The first and main question is what do you want to do with the files.

The options you have are to copy them back onto dvd as they are, to compress them down using somthing like divx and put them onto cd. There are probably others as well.

The choice is yours. What do you want to do.

put them on a blank dvd

OK. That helps.:stuck_out_tongue:

Probably the easest thing to do then is to use DVD Decrypte in ISO mode. By doing this you can copy off an ISO file and then burn it back on using DVD Decrypter.

To change to ISO go to Mode in the menu bar. Then Read. When it is copied off change to ISO Write and insert a blank DVD.

i have a bunch of vob files and it wont recognize them

plus the are 7 gb

If you have vob files then you didn’t rip it in ISO mode.

If the files are 7Gb in total then you will need to use a different program to copy them to a DVD because no copier at present can do above 4.7Gb.

You will need to use a program to compress the DVD down. Something like DVD shrink can be used. Gudies ont his can be found here.

ok i got dvdshrink and reduced them down to size, now what?

Try this guide here.