OK I have a CloneDVD2 problem Please help me

Hi to all.

This is the problem.
When i try to clone a dvd (dvd part or full dvd) i have the CRC error.

I try some Dvd.
I have any dvd last version installed.
Yes i have a regular key.

Whit any dvd and DVD decripter i can do the job so i think is a clonedvd2 problem.

What i have to do?

No idea???

Most likely a smuged, marred, scratched or “bad” press on your original disc. Replace the disc with another one…

I don’t think is the disc becouse i have test two disc and all give me the same error.

Whit the same disc, same hardware i can do the job whit dvd decripter and any dvd.

DVD Decrypter is known to be less sensitive to these type of errors and will read “damaged” discs more successfully than other programs. Nevertheless, it is your disc(s) and not an inheirent CloneDVD problem. New discs that have “bad pressing” will usually produce the same errors and older “rental” discs will even have a higher rate of failure.