Ok, I can't seem to figure this out...any help?


I have a Plextor px-708a, Nero 6,6,0,6, NeroVision 3,0,1,27, Nero Recode 3, and I am using DVD+R to (attempt) and burn Mpeg files but they are not being “accepted” by Nero. I know I’m asking a question that was probably asked before and tried to search (in vain) for the correct procedure. Perhaps its right in front of me and I don’t see it but I couldn’t find the answer (with enough clarity for my little brain) in any of these forums.
Thanks for any help given…


How unfortunate for me! I figured SOMEONE with more brains than me would easily be able to help, but 12 views and no replies, I guess that’s just the way it goes.


Hi Killroy5,

I’m having a similar problem with 2 AVI files.
I create the project: From NeroVision Expres3 ->Make DVD->DVD-Video->Add Video Files, add the 2 AVI files and start burning, but then an error(see attached JPG) masage appears, and a log file is created(see attached TXT file).
Maybe somone can helpus whith this problem???


XP SP2/P4HT 2.6G/512MB/WD-SATA 120GB/FX 5600-256MB/NEC DVD_RW ND-3520A-1.25/Nero Ultra Edition Express +R 8x (MCC-03)

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