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Hi, and sorry if this post is already out there.
I looked but didn’t see anything like mine.
I downloaded 7 files that are avi.
I used vso divx to convert them to dvd, video.ts
6 worked great, but I have one last file that everytime I try and load it into divx to convert it freezes and stops responding.
I have tried a few other converters but they all have watermarks.
I can’t find a converter that doesn’t, at least a decent one that you don’t need a PH.D to navigate.
Any ideas? … thanks…

P.S. I was able to convert to MPEG2 but now I can’t author it with another file using shrink.

ConvertXtoDVD is about the best, but it isn’t free. On the free side, try FAVC or DVD Flick. And it’s possible the last file is just corrupt.

I can play the file as avi, and It also worked when I converted it to mpeg.
I have tried those and they had watermarks on the screen.
But thanks for the help… :slight_smile:

Neither DVDFlick nor FAVC will leave a watermark on anything they output. Both are free to use, and therefore have no need for such limitations.

Import the avi into either and you will get a finished dvd ready to burn.

thanks, I did try flick, but after converting I want to author it with another file using dvd shrink so I have two movies on one disc

Then you should find a tool that can do that from the beginning. You are currently taking files with crappy quality, converting them to mpeg, feeding them into an authoring app (which is likely encoding again), then feeding them into DVD Shrink which reduces the quality further. Each time a file is encoded you are reducing the quality. You need to go from avi directly to DVD.

If you import both videos at the same time into DVDFlick or FAVC you can make a menu to select which one to play once it is burned to a disk.

Start with your original avi files, import them, make the menu, and the program will output in a size that will fit onto a blank dvdr.

Thanks Kerry, I’ll give that a try…
I saved the original file and made a copy.
I know converting back and forth looses’ a lot in quality, was trying different things :iagree:

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