Ok, how can this be?

I burnt some CDs with my LiteOn 2410B, then I ran CDSpeed and it reported thousands of errors.

then I took those same CDs to a friend’s PC and ran CDspeed wit his LG 48x writer and it reported NO ERRORS!
How can this be?

Now, I have some possible explanations of this:

  1. My LiteON is a lot better at detecting the errors and the LG writer sucks at detecting the errors.


  1. The LiteOn sucks at reading/correcting the errors while the LG is good at reading/correcting the errors. Now, suppose this is the case, what is the solution to this problem for my LiteOn, is there anything I can do to make my LiteOn read/correct errors better.
    My other question is, lets suppose I continue using this LiteOn, does that mean that over a period of time these errors will “spread” accross the CD?

Also, I have a basic question about the type of errors reported by CDSpeed… what errors are these? Are these errors created during the WRITING of the CD or during the READING of the CD? Now, analytically speaking, since the same CD gives thousands of errors on my LiteOn but NO ERRORs on the LG drive, I am inclined to beleive that these errors are “READING” errors.

You are not “detecting” errors, these are READ errors being measured. CDSpeed purports to measure C2 type errors. I’m not sure that your friend’s CD drive is even capable of reporting these errors, (some drives are not), maybe someone else here knows. If you run Nero InfoTool, it’ll tell you.
99% of the time, the cause for high error rates is burning too fast for the media, crappy media or both.

Ok, I am at my friend’s place and ran Nero Info toolkit.

The part that says “C2 errors” is ticked mark, I guess that means the LG drive can indeed detect C2 errors.

So, now, this once again brings us to our dillemma:

Why does is it that when I am using the same media for both the writers (Liteone and LG) only the LiteOn detects the errors but LG doesnt detect any.