OK guys: wondered what is the size of your hard di

Sorry, i ran out ouf space there

my question:

OK guys: wondered what is the size of your hard disk is?!

i own now a 40 gig hdd maxtor 7200 rpm
and its great! :slight_smile:

But it fills even faster now :frowning: :frowning:

just be4 i had a 10 gig hdd :frowning:

So tell me, what do u ppl have?? :o

2 X 30 Gig IBM 7200 in RAID

This pc have only 6,4gig quatem fireball in it
my second pc have a 40gig maxtor in it :slight_smile:

30 gig Maxtor, here…
room for lots more though :slight_smile:

I have a 50GB. One 30GB and One 20GB and it works like a dream!!!

haha , 120,6 GB here :wink:

PC 1 :
1X WD 5400rpm ATA 66 18,1GB
1X Seagate 5400rpm ATA 100 40GB

PC 2:

1X WD 7200rpm ATA 100 40GB
1XQuantum 7200rpm ATA 100 20,5GB

Notebook :

1X HITACHI 4200rpm ATA 66 20GB

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

2 quantum fireball 60GB running RAID0
40Gb Maxtor just for a bit of random data.
plus obligatory burner, cdrom, DVD and a zip.

oh. and a LaCie firewire 30GB pocket drive. veery funky.


can’t beat me

3x 80 gig
2x 40 gig
1x 30 gig
3x 20 gig
1x 10 gig

420 gig
think i only use 40/ of it

good work mattel…

I’m praying all that lot is in a server…


One machine has a 6-gig and a 20 gig, The server has a 20g and a 30g, another one has 12 and a 10 gig, The 200mhz-linux that yet to have linux will have a 8gig int it. and lastly the 486 linux to be also will have 2-2gigs in it

Hi guys, my first reply, One I can show off :wink: with:

2 x 80Gig in Stripe
2 x 40Gig also in stripe on other machine
1 x 20Gig
2 x 10Gig

4 x 6Gig ---- SCSI :stuck_out_tongue:

304Gig grand total

4 x 16 speed Plextor CD-(re)writer
1 x Pioneer DVA03 DVD-(re)writer

only 10 GB Western Digital :frowning:

only 16 GB here :mad:

Before: 6.4GB which sucked :wink:
Now: 32GB Maxtor UDMA100 7200RPM and I love it. 32GB is more than enough for me…

at this moment

60GIG and 80GIG in one computer

1,6 and 800mb in the other

and 3,2 in my laptop

145,6 GIG total

my PC:
60 GB
6,4 GB

Dad’s PC:
40 GB

14 GB

  • some little shit
    120 GB

nice huh?

Got a Maxtor 30GB UDMA5 5400rpm and a Maxtor 30GB UDMA5 7200rpm. Both are attached to each a ATA100 channel to improve speed! :stuck_out_tongue:
Got a Raid controller but don’t use it cause I like to take the 2nd disk out to share with people! hehe! :wink:

This is enough for me… at this moment! :cool:

Do u see a difference between a 7200 and a 5400 drive???

YEah there is a massive difference if you benchmark it the access times are far better in 7200. It may cost a little more but hey u get what u pay for!

Ooooops, forgot my laptops, 20 Gig in one, 12 gigs in the other, bringing grand total up to 336 Gigs :cool: