Ok got mine 411s from bestbuy manf oct2003 but it skips on brand new DVDS

So I am playing the Pirates of the Carribean and the darn thing pixalates and skips while playing the disk. The disk is brand new just openned it! I’ve took the disk out of the drive and I find nothing wrong with it!
What gives do other people have simillar problems?
Oh yeah and is RicohJP a good media for this type of drive?

Had this exact problem with a 411S with Oct 2003 mfg date and exchanged it for another (also Oct 2003) at Circuit City and so far it reads everything perfectly. Sometimes you’re just unlucky and get a bad one I guess…


Did you update to the latest version of firmware?

What are the specs on your computer? I do not think that skipping and pixelating on the PC automatically implies the 411s is at fault. What background tasks do you have running?

Does the dvd play in a stand alone?

Does the DVD play on anything else?

Ok I’ve upped the firmware as soon as I plugged the drive in.
My specs are:
Athlon 2500+ at 2200Mhz (11x200)
NF7S board
1 Gb Corsair XMS series PC-3200
120 Gb WD 8mb, 2x120Gb 8mb SATA Raid-0.
Audigy 2 Plat
Radeon 9800 flashed to Pro speeds (ram and back core sinks)

The skipping does not always occurs, every so often when I insert the disk…weird.
The skipping mostly occurs when I’ve play the movie with MS Media Player 9. WinDVD does it ok.

Another problem I’ve got now is that Nero 6 Ultra is beginning to give me coasters. Even when I force the writting speed to 2x (well it actually writes at 2.4x). On Imation Richojp media and even on the LIte-on included 4x RW media.


my 411s works perfect when playing and burning all, but my samsung dvd rom does exactly what you described. the only thing that worked was lowering my resolution from 32 to 16bit. helped big time! by the way, why are you buying dvd’s when you bought a dvd burner? netflix.com dude, or if your in australia, they must have some cheap online rental stores also. good luck!