Ok getting really damn annoying using 109 with CAV media



Anyone else having this problem?

When burning discs that do pure CAV (either TYG03 or MCC03RG20) I get quite a few burns with Decrytper stalling during the synchronization cache portion at the very end of finalizing a disc from a burn. The entire burn up to that point is fine however right when it says synchronizing cache it just sits at 0% and stalls. The light on the drive stays on and I can hear the drive whirring up and down, up and down, up and down as the disc rotates. REALLY DAMN ANNOYING. I am wasting lots of time and discs because of this. It ONLY happens on both above discs which are both of high quality. The thing in common with both both these discs is the fact that they use CAV and not zone style burning. I initially saw this with TY TYG03 discs so bought some MCC03RG20 as I knew it also presented 16x burning at pure CAV mode and you know what? Same thing! This is isn’t always mind you and it is pretty random but the more discs you burn the higher the odds are of you noticing this. Out of 50 discs 7 have done this and have all been from different batches. No other discs do this at all but they all use Zone style burning.

Please say I am not the only one with this, if anyone else knows what im talking about please respond as its pissing me off something fierce. I am using 8.40 firmware.


Not a single person using these discs are experiencing this?


No problem here with MCC03RG20’s. No TYG03’s yet, sorry…



Burned about 20-25 MCC03RG20 with the 109 (1.40) and didn’t experience this. I don’t have TYG03.

But I burn the MCC03 with Nero (I make data disks with them), not Decrypter (I generally use MCC02 with Decrypter).

Maybe there’s something on with Decrypter, as these 16x medias are kind of new…? Do you burn them at 16x, actually?

Worker, do you burn your MCC03 with Decrypter?

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hi I only burn these at 12x to be honest. I have throttled down to 8x and up to 16x just to test if it was the 12x speed causing it however from what I recall it did it on those speeds as well.


I have only burned TYG03 at 16x so far (see under).

I’ll try one at 12x.


“Worker, do you burn your MCC03 with Decrypter?”

Yes I burn most images with Decrypter. Never have any problems.



Good news sort of, I have the exact same problem with DVD Decrypter and 109 v1.40 is just hangs, only I have used MCC03RG20 and MCC004 Verbatim 16x discs. If you leave it between 35-45mins it usually puts it’s self right :frowning:

I have started using Nero until this is sorted, or at least confirmed as a problem, I know of one other person who has this trouble also using TTH02 16x discs.

I hope that we can nail this probelm soon.


Thanks for the input Blu3fire :slight_smile:

Now as Worker seems to have no problem with Decrypter/109/MCC03, what could be different on his system? Mmmh…

Could it be the Decrypter version?
Could it be the 109 firmware version?


Blu3fire you are saying you have the exact same problem as me? Discs burn fine however only during the synchronizing cache does it halt and just sit there. The light on the drive continues to be lit however no activity happens and the timer just keeps ticking away. If you are having the exact problem please clarify as this is stressing me out all weekend thinking my drive is bunk. I uninstalled and reinstalled IDE drivers and Decrypter.

Waiting 35-45 mins is rediculous when the entire burn from beginning to end should be about 7. I hope this gets fixed. I will be very relieved if I am not the only one experiencing this as it gets quite discouraging when I hear about everyone else having no issues when I am. I am sure it has something to do with 16x discs as this doesn’t happen on any other discs I own.

Thanks a bunch.


Well so much for the 35-45 mins wait. I am into 46 mins of the burn and Synchronising cache is still stuck at 0% with the disc speeding up and down up and down up and down. I have to reboot the system to get it to shut up as decrypter has locked the drive and won’t stop its current activity even after force shutting the program down through task manager. I’m mad that I have to go and spend money on other discs now because these current ones can’t be trusted in this state.


Everything here is pointing to a compatibility problem between Decrypter and new 16x medias (at least when using a 109).

I’ll make a post on the Decrypter forum, hoping to have comments about this…


Well I had a reply from a mod at the Decrypter forum, who states that it is NOT a problem with Decrypter.

Mmmh… anyway it would be a good idea to check your Decrypter version (latest being One never knows :wink:

Another thing to try is to check your IDE drivers in Windows. If they are generic Microsoft drivers, good idea to replace them with drivers from your mainboard manufacturer. Can’t hurt anyway.

No more ideas (as yet). Good luck :slight_smile:


Hi Francksoy, I appreciate the effort in checking into the decrypter forum. If they state it is not a problem with decrypter then so be it however I only get the problem in decrypter so not too sure what that tells me. The discs don’t have to be burned at 16x either to get this I have had these discs do these even at 12x so if anything it has to do with the 16x discs themselves or the burning strategy used for these discs. Dissapointed as I heard 1.50 firmware still has this issue so it could be awhile if ever that I see a fix for this. I can always get other discs true but the advantage of the 109 was being able to burn at CAV which only these problem discs can do. The fact that I have tons of those discs laying around makes it even more crappy that I have to spend more money to buy other inferior discs just to get my burns done.

As for the IDE drivers believe me I have thought of this as well. I was originally using the Nvidia ones on my NF4 board though went back to MS stock ones thinking this would fix it. It did not so am back on the Nvidia NF4 ones which are still exhibiting the same thing. The burner is the only IDE device on the computer period and is being used by an 80 pin cable with Primary slave and secondary channel completely disabled in bios. All my drives are SATA and are of superb quality (WD Raptor) so I am lost on what is going on. Last night I burned 10 TY +R discs without a single hiccup where as CAV style discs would have hiccuped at least 2-3 times in that batch. Many other people are not noticing this however I have to ask them how many discs do you burn of this type? I have burned well over 100 this month meaning the odds of me noticing this is far greater with the sheer amount of burns I have done on these discs.

Any more info or confirmation on a similar problem would be appreciated.


Ok, it has to be Decypter.

Nero works fine, Alcohol works fine, etc etc… Only Decrypter forces me to wait an eternity or reset my PC. I have used 3 different DVR-109’s in the same machine with exactly the same results.

Again as pointed out before only 16x CAV burns cause Decrypter to do this. WEIRD!!!


thanks for confirming its the same problem and with 16x CAV burns as well as with multiple drives. At least I am not the only one.


One thing you might try is flashing to the XL firmware. Zebra and I found some burning issues with the non XL firmware. He was telling me about some problems he was having and I was not seeing. The difference was I have a true XL and he did not. I suggested he flash to the XL firmware and his troubles went away. I also have a standard 109 that is flashed to XL. No problems with that drive either.


Well I am using buffalo firmware. Not XL no but not stock either. I have heard of no others having issues with buffalo and besides these two discs types I am not having any issues. I am in need of bitsetting as I buy +R discs if my -R give me problems. Blu3fire what firmware exactly are you using?


I have used 1.40 & 1.50B on various drives, was gonna try using the Buffalo firmware next.


well if you havent tried the buffalo firmware yet then it cant be that as that is all Ive used and I have this problem. With you using official 1.40 and 1.50 we have covered all the firmwares as of now. I should bring this up to pioneer, infact we all should to get this cleared up quick.