OK Crew?



Heeft er iemand wel eens iets bij de OK Crew besteld? Hoe is dit verlopen?

Hitbits is taking you to a second sky!


please read the topic ‘ok crew is really shit’ a few lines below, then you will have your answer!



Indeed reed that topic carefully.
The okcrew also doesn’t reply emails you
send them for over a week now.


that topic is a month old boys…
started at 23 september…
things CAN change…


Well boys… I have to say that you’d be a f’in moron to send any cash thier way. Whadda you going to do send your cash and pray that they’ve ‘changed their’ ways. Read some posts and GET A CLOO!


I’m almost sure the okcrew is no longer
alive. They have zero activity for over
10 days now.
I don’t hope they will be back one of
these days with another name and the
same way of working…


i’m getting pretty tired of this okcrew thingy
i told iamaboutdawarez before that we already know his opinion… this board is here to share opinions and not to flame a dealer for a month in a row… (nothing personal against iamaboutdawarez… i’m just getting tired in general)

as far as we know:
okcrew is alive
okcrew is doing all possible things to fix all orders

they are cdfreaks sponsors, which means they deserve a little (of course being a cdfreaks sponsor doesn’t mean anything, but on this board is does… a little) credit…
okcrew has been around for a very long time. even longer than warezmaffia if i’m correct. they always did a good job and now they have some probs and everybody starts shooting like they always do bad things !!! very weird i might say…

but for now we’ve heard enough okcrew shit talk…
you can open a new thread about them in a month or so and talk again then…

go talk about other dealers or something…