OK Crew is really shit



The OK Crew is really a lousy crew.
They can’t deliver the most common
pc-roms. They let you wait for over
three months. Also they don’t answer
their mail. I suppose i’ve been f**ed
by them.
My advise to everyone:
Buy at warezmaffia, scsi crew or
mummy crew. They deliver. They are fast.
They are hell of a lot cheaper.
So be wiser then i was…


I totally agree dude, OK Crew are too f*cking slow! I had to wait 3(!) months for my MS Office 2000 cdz…



a friend of my ordered at scsi crew (they have a real lot of good stuff) and you can pay after you get your cd’s but my friend never got a cd? he send 2 or 3 emails and didn’t received anything
ofcourse its not a real big problem because he has his money in his pocket but i thuoght that had to be said

cya all guys


I also wait for months and I ordered original CD, but I received only a copies.
Now I buy a copies from another dealers and I’m satified.
You can found it at: www.topsitez.com/wh/wh/cdzwarez


It feels good to be not the only
one who is waiting for his cd’s till
his beard reaches the floor.
I also have very good experiences with
the scsi crew.
Thanks for the mental support by
still waiting for my ok-cd’s.


I’m also still waiting on my cd that i ordered with them (3 months ago).


So, OK Crew realy sucks,
but does anybody know if NBR-Bytes is OK ?


Then they should look out for a new sponsor.
Because the service they give you is pourly i’m waiting still (3 weeks) for my cd’s and after 2 weeks i mailed them for an repley and they haven’t controlled if my money was in yet.So cd freaks should confront them with this because i’m not the only one.


Maybe there is somebody out there who
knows who are/is behind the okcrew.
Please mail me the name/phonenumber.
Not to give to the bsa or such a shit-
organisation but to call them and ask
for my money back.
Also a advise to cd freaks: dumb this
sponsor, they won’t give you a good name.


I’ve also try to post a warning on
the messageboard of the Pentagon but
they don’t dare to place it.
I’ve been censored away there…
Looks like russia in the sixties.
This shit crew is there sponsor also…


Indeed, CDFreaks; take these complaints to your sponser OK-crew, and demand some answers
and BTW SCSI-crew rulezzz



Indeed the scsi-crew is fine.
Just like the warez-maffia.
Both crews deliver good and fast.
But-important-they deliver…


Indeed, the SCSI crew deliver !!! I ordered now 2 cd’s and both came in quickly after that, and, more important: only pay after deliver, so u don’t feel riped when u don’t get the cd u ordered. I feel riped by OK Crew, because i payed (i know, stuped) but didn’t get the cd’s.


the okcrew posted a reaction on their site…


This week…
We will see.
And you all will hear if they
finally deliver.


This is the posting:
As you all might have noticed we’re having some problems with deliving your orders at the moment. This is not our fault. Our PC/VCD/PSX dealer ‘cheated’ on us and didn’t deliver our orders. Luckily we’ve found another dealer who is able to deliver what we need and what you need! We hope to receive all the cd’s we need to deliver this week. If everything goes according to plans all cd’s (Gold, Tl/CB) are send out at the end of this week…

We apoligize for this - unplanned - delay and hope to have everything fixed soon so we can get the orders to you within a week again like we normally do!


The person who delivered there pc software was on holliday on 2 sept 1999.
I think he is still on holliday with our money.
So I don’t believe we will see any of the software from OK Crew better know as the NOT OK Crew

Grtzzz J


I received a few days ago mail from
them in wich they promise (for the fifth
time - but now for real-they say) to
deliver in one week. It’s my last hope.
And the last chance for them. When the
crew again doesn’t deliver i’m gonna
start an action to mailbomb or so them.

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Fuck scsi crew…I’m waiting 3 weeks and I didn’t receive any cd…the are slow…when you say: where are my cdz/////YES YEs were’s bussy…suck


You have to see it otherwise you wouldn’t believe it.
But today the delivered the cd’s.
One of them wasn’t the right one, but i can use it.
This will be the only time i’ve collect cd’s from this Crew.
It took about three months before i got the cd’s.

Have learn something again.

Grtzzz J