OK class...time for a POP QUIZ!


Google wont help you on this one. And no working together!! Anyone caught doing so will be given an “F” :eek:

This test is super easy to take, gives instant feedback on your response and should only take 60 seconds of your time. Plus, some of the stuff is pretty neat. I did not even know what the heck most of the things were!

Here we have a quick test of your knowledge of the world around you. Can you look at the picture and indentify whether the subject best fits into the catagory of Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?

I got 12 out of 16 right. :o

Prof, this is an advanced test. You didn’t teach us yet! :eek:

Got so many wrong… :o

So did I, zevia, so did I :frowning:

I know who’s gonna excel at this one - super-brain imkidd57 :iagree:

Eh? Yer wha’…?

I wouldn’t bet on it - I’m sure one of those things was in my lunch today…

OK, take the test and prove me wrong :wink:

10 out of 16 right. Good Luck!!:eek:

OK I got 13/16… some of those were haaarrrd… :iagree:

I’d post the results but it’d give it away for the others… :wink:

Edit: Maybe we should try the “Where’s Michael Jackson’s Nose?” one instead…

Arr 13/16. I thought it was timed thanks to that 60 second stuff so I hurried. :smiley:

I was told to take a trip to the ZOO.


10/16, but I didn’t get to finish it because my dog ate my monitor. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!) :wink:

13 of 16. Not bad I guess.

Some of them?! All of them except two, more like :bigsmile:

But hey, you did way better than I did (my result was so abysmal, I blocked it from memory) :eek:

LOL @ Ricoman…that was pretty good! :flower:

11/16 … but who’s counting :doh:

Ok, guys I’d say 10-12 out of 16 is an HONEST post here :wink:
I mean Who T F would know that flower is someone’s egg sack :bigsmile:

P.S And besides, I have a patch, Arr!

I win!

as said [B]Arachne[/B], * head explodes * :eek:

And Happy Birthday BTW! :flower:
(Still today according to UK time, but a little belated according to Danish local time).

Happy Birthday Ben! :clap: