Ok .bwi .bwa .bws blindwrite won't read them thus can't write the image

I’ve made an image and has the extensions .bwi .bwa .bws but when I try to read it, the blindwrite software V5 won’t see it it tells me that there is no image. So it can’t burn it.

The original cd is allready badly scratched up but it was able to make an image thus I don’t know why the blindwrite can’t read it.

I mean .bwi .bwa and .bws are the only things that are needed.

Maybe I am using a wrong version?

could be that the .bwt file that blindwrite needs is missing. Blindwrite needs this file to know what to do with the others. At least thats seems to be the case.

Shoot, I am not at that pc now, but what can I do if I can’t find that file?
I don’t want to dig through my pile of “to be trashed” cd’s and redo the image.
Is there a way I can convert theese three that I have to something useful?

i dont know if you can manually creat the .bwt file or not.
From what I understand, it is an art Control file for the backup.
check your trashcan if you deleted it by mistake. Maybe you will get lucky.

what is the game, what version of blindwrite? Your saying you made that image with BW5? It is definately not BW5 format one of you filenames is wrong, thats why BW5 won’t see it.

sounds like hes using an old backup that he didnt erase from Blindwrite4. But BW5 looks for the .bwt file of those backups to recognize a valid image. If he cant find that file, is he out of luck, or is there a workaround?

if he used BW5 to make the copy…then all his filenames are wrong, not just one.

yes it’s an old backup from bw 4, I’ve been fililng up my hd with backups waiting for good quality cd-r to go on sale…they finaly did so this week I was planning on doing burnning sessions but it looks like I am out of luck. Have to redo most of the darn images all over again. That’s why I was aksing if there is other way of doing this.
I found one way though. I use winiso and read off the cd, then I just converted it to .iso format…the bad thing is that I lost all the benefits of bw utility. But it’s better than redoing all the cd’s all over again.
If you guys know of other ways then I be more than happy to burn a more “original” copy.

If the .bwt did get trashed then there is no way for me to recover it, since I don’t use trashcan but an incinerator. There is no software way to recover the files. :frowning:

Oh well it’s just my stupidity.

Thank you all for all the help.

Just for your information BW5 will write BW4 images as long as all files are present, and unless you make a new image you can’t get the bwt file back. bwt is the table of contents.