Ok, another newb question..really confused now!

Ok I have learned alot but apparently not enough from these forums. I have been looking thru all posts trying to find an answer to my problem and I am not finding the answer I want. Or I am looking in the wrong places. Truthfully, Im so tired of looking thru everything my eyes are burning so here goes. All I want to do is be able to do some kind of check on my blank DVD media. I tried to use Nero’s CDDVD speed 4.10, but all I can do is scan under the Benchmark area. I cannot use the Disc Quality or the Scandisc, it seems to be disabled (the start button is not selectable). I have a HP740b. I bought alot of different DVD-Rs and im to the point now where I am getting alot of errors, so I would like to test the DVD (blank) before I even use it and waste my time, is this possible and how? I tried using Kprobe also however i keep getting an error, almost like it wont read the disc in the drive. So now I am totally confused on how to even begin to check a blank disc.

only certain drive brands/models allow for error scanning. Ben Q, Liteon, Plextor, NEC are a few that people commonly scan with. some allow the use of cd-dvd speed while others will only allow proprietary software (ie plextor users must scan with plextools)

the best you can do with what you have is a transfer rate test. This is basically a readability test of the disc. it should be smooth. if there are any severe dips that means that the drive has to slow down quickly in that place to work through a problem area on the disc. obviously, the more dips, the worse the disc is.

There is also a freeware program called “CDCheck” which will report which files are bad.

Download and try it here.