OK, another dumb question

This forum has been the best in helping me with my pet project. I am really into music DVDs and I am attempting to produce compilation DVDs with videos from many different DVDs. I have been successful in making DVDs that play in stand alone players by ripping with DVDShrink 3.2 and then reauthoring in TMPGEnc. What I have come up against is incompatible audio formats on various vids from different source DVDs. 5.1 won’t mix with dolby digital stereo (tell me something I don’t know :slight_smile: ). Is it better to convert the stereo rips to 5.1 or the other way around? I really don’t care which format I end up with, I’d just like to be able to compile whichever vids I want. Plus being a moron whatever is easiest is BEST!

I too am not an expert, but I think BeSweet’s MP2 is among the best formats for the VCD/SVCD/DVD sound. For example, TMPGenc cannot loat AC3 sound, but works excellently with MP2 (which is also rather small).

Hm, so you want to put different DVDs on one DVD. A DVD with 5.1 Sound (often) has also a Stereo Channel (i mean Stereo Sound). Just ripp the Movie with the Stereo Sound instead of the 5.1 Sound.

Ah g3ri, if only life itself were so simple. The key word in your response is “often”, and that is exactly the problem I am having. “Often” is not often enough! I know it sounds silly but my goal is to be able to mix as many varied vids (varied as in artist and genre) onto each compilation disc as possible. I know I have to separate 16:9 from fullscreen format but I would really like to mix up the surrounds with the stereos by converting one format to the other. I am merely looking for the easiest approach. I have read quite a bit in this forum about “Besweet” so I’ll check that out next. Thanks for the links, all guides and tuts are helpful :slight_smile:


Yeah, i know this, it was only a thought :wink: