Oil Price increase



It would seem even though the middle East is producing plenty of oil and have sufficient supply, the oil companies are not happy, as if there is lots of oil the price will drop, and their profits will go down?(I am not quite sure it would, they make enough as it is) The consumer would benefit more, that I know. The oil companies are aware of this and are trying too use the Middle East chaos as an excuse too put prices up, as they are unable too meet the demands of the public, low supply, prices go through the roof! Its sad that they take this approach, its bad enough as it is with the cost of fuel in the UK(almost four pounds per gallon) when compared to the USA when I was there about 1 dollar, 20 cents for a gallon! Basically what you earn, the government get it back one way or another :frowning:

Greets from The Diplomat :smiley:

I am afraid the government have very strange policies on taxisation in the UK