OHM (Plasmon) CDRs

Two words for these (from Circuit City) - STAY AWAY.

These discs are GARBAGE! They’re the first Plasmon discs I’ve had, and if this is representative of their quality (or rather, lack thereof), I’ll never buy them again. Out of around 15 discs burns, from 2 different 50pk spindles, I got 2 or 3 good ones (haven’t run K-Probe on them yet, though) - one disc had almost 17% bad sectors! I’m taking them back to Circuit City tonight to see if they’ll exchange them (at the rabate rate!) for some more Audiobahns (they’ve been good discs, a bit high on the C1 errors, but solid green as far as Nero goes).

I’m also going to contact the manufacturer of these OHM discs and advise them of my extreme dissatisfaction. I suppose it’s not impossible for a “bad batch” to have gone out - had that happen with a spindle of Nashua (Samsung) discs a couple years ago, and the manufacturer made good on them.

— DeathStalker77

Nice try. Although this space ( Media Tests ) is intended for scans strictly, not complaints.

@DeathStalker77: What drive are you using? I’ve had great success with Plasmon-manufactured media on my LiteON LTR-52327S!

The attached Kprobe scan was done with a 1media CD-R 48x written at 52x.


These discs are pretty consistant - I’ve burned over 50 of these at all different speeds and the error rates are always similar.


Same drive as you (QOB). I’ll post the K-Probe data and other info in the next day or so. Interestingly enough, I got a call back today from Plasmon USA and the gentleman informed me that they do not actually manufacture ANY CDR/CDRWs - they only license their dye for use. I’m still waiting to hear back from Circuit City Corporate on the issue. Fortunately, CC returned the discs without a hassle.

      --- DeathStalker77