Oh son of a .... did I get crappy CD-Rs?

I just went to wallgreens and picked up a 50 pack of CD-Rs for $20, they are Sony “SUPREMAS” discs. I don’t know why, but for whatever reason I was compelled to google “supremas”, and I found referances to these CDs “rotting” and the pressed writable layer “peeling and flaking off” over time, how soon depends on how they are treated. I got these CDs to burn my music to for my cd discman, they will be kept in a cd carrying case shoved in my backpack.

Did I just waste $20 and are these discs gonna fall apart on me here?? :confused: :frowning:

I suggest taking them back for refund and go buy some TY’s or Verbatims :iagree:

For $20, you can buy a 50pk Sony MIJ music cd-r @Target.

Damn, you beat me.

Sorry :doh: but i hate for people to buy crappy media. Someone else might not have posted :bigsmile:

So they are a piece of shit?

That really sucks bad… I had already opened them and burned a few CDs…

oh well, never again. I have all the music backed up in lossless on my hard drive so when these CDs kick the bucket I can make new ones… with good media.

god damnit :frowning:


I have some of those Supremas (40x rated) lying around here. Indeed, some were already rotten, but I am not sure if that is due to poor storage. Discs from the same spindle, kept in a wallet (dark!) in the car (means ambient temperatures from -5°C up to +60°C) are still in excellent condition.
For using them in a mobile player (not for permanent storage), they should be okay.


Nowadays $20 is a ripoff IMO, try to get a refund.

I wonder what he will say? Ummm these are known to degrade and I want my money back although I used some of them.

Store attendant: …no.

You should just take them back and say they don’t work for crap and you just want your money back. Keep it simple and they shouldn’t be able to refuse. Purposely make a couple dummy audio CD-R with nero CD speed so if they act like wankers and say, well lets see if your burnt cds work, it will play some whacked out hissing noises and whatnot :bigsmile:

Even simply talking about “Focus or tracking error” will confuse some store managers! :slight_smile:

Just saying the discs don’t work properly is enough to confuse most. Many people have absolutely no clue.

I remember buying these crappy ass DVDs at this place and they were riddled with PIF and PIE. I took them back and said they didn’t work good and they acted like a bunch of morons. “No it’s your burner, Pioneer are not good, we sell thousands of these discs with no problems.” I asked them if they knew anything about quality testing and PIE/PIF errors and they said, WELL DO YOU KNOW JOHNNY MC BUCKTOOTH? No you don’t! So there. Literally they were coming up with the dumbest comebacks and comments when I told them something they didn’t have a clue about. If something like that happened now I would get anything I asked for without trouble otherwise there would be trouble for them.

$20 for a pack of CD-Rs?! You must have needed some desparately. You shouldn’t pay more than $10 for a 50-pack these days. Most retail stores have 100-packs on sale regularly for only $15, which comes out to $7.50 per 50 disks.

I dont know where you are, but in the UK we have a law where something has ‘to be fit for the propose’ of what you wanted it to do (you cant be stupid but if you buy a TV that says it has 100 channels and you can only store 99 and you got it because you need a TV with 100 then its not fit for…), and take them back and do as cd pirate says. You want a CDR that will work as said …copy data to them and you be able to get it back again.

Dont get the law stuff involved from the off, its a trump card sort of thing for if/when they say no, you just say that they dont work, its not like you just want your money back …do you ???, tell them you want some Verbatim CDR media i.e. something that works, or some such media that others think work. I am not that well versed in CD media I just get Verb, TY and Infiniti cheepo’s for used once and or give away stuff, but even them have been good to me with 5+ year old stuff still working fine.

Well i dont know where you are from and what kind of Sony’s you got but all of my Sony branded TY’s are SUPREMAS. I never had any problem with those…

The Sony-branded CD-R discs sold in the US (except for the “CD-R Music” line) are mostly MIT Lead Data-made discs with Sony codes, with a few MIM Daxon-made discs and MII-made Moser Baer discs into the mix. All of those three are rather poor in quality; Lead Data’s quality control with CD-Rs is much worse than with DVD media.

Now the sony “cd-r music” line is no longer MIJ only. I saw MIT sony cd-r music in Target.

True. Also, many of the Sony “CD-R Music” packages at Best Buy and KMart/Sears contain MIT discs.

Speaking of Target, at my local Target location, the 30- and 50-pack spindles are MIJ – but the 100-pack spindles and the individual jewel-case packs are MIT. And the 50-pack sells at the same price at Target as a 30-pack does at BB.

The MIJ Maxwell Music CD-R in Walmart & Sams costs less and burns better, when compared to Sony MIJ cd-r.

The Wal-Mart which I visit frequently has recently restocked the Maxell Music CD-R – but those packs are no longer MIJ, but MIT (in this case, the MIT Maxell Music CD-Rs are made by RiTEK).

Thanks for info RJL65 :bigsmile:
this is most scary story this year to me…is it 30pack or 50pack ???
I will have get some more this time :iagree: