Oh snaps! i left the monitor on for two weeks!



i’ve been crashing at my friend’s place for a year now, 2 weeks ago i turned off everything and shuttled down the pc and left but today i went back to his apartment and the pc and monitor is still on! it didn’t shut down because its frozen! (win xp) i shutted all the windows and its summer so the room is hot hot hot! (no ventilation! but its even hotter outside and no wind)) the monitor is hot as burning lava, the pc is fine, but now the brightness od the monitor seems to be dimmer than usual, i’m just scared that my friend might noticed the difference, or is it just me? is it going to break down soon!? i’m sorry for what i did but i didn’t know it froze, the monitor would go to “power-save” mode when the pc is off (yellow light and the “turning off to power-save mode” message"
its a Dell S199WFP LCD monitor. i think he bought it last year because the box is still here. i don’t know about the pc but it runs fine now. the lcd is working but i just think its dimmer but i can’t tell, the monitor power supply is internal.
thank you so much for the help!


Its okay it can handle it, don’t sweat it!


Two weeks continuous is alright, assuming there was no static image on the screen shown over that time.

Fluorescent lights reach a maximum brightness at a certain temperature. If they get hotter, they run dimmer, such as a CFL operated continuously in an sealed light fixture. As most LCD monitors use florescent lights, the high operating temperature at the time was likely why it appeared dimmer than usual. It should be back to normal brightness now after leaving it to cool. :wink:

2 weeks continuous is 336 hours. That’s the equivalent to using the monitor for 6 hours / day for 2 months, so nothing all that excessive.

The only time I’d be concerned with is if a static image was shown over that time, which can cause a shadow of this static image to appear. I originally thought that only CRT and plasma displays were affected, but I’ve seen this happen while in a server room where the LCD monitor for the console showed a strong shadow of the Windows logon screen, likely due to the screensaver and monitor off features disabled on the server.


nope there doesn’t appear to be any of those burnt static image left on the screen, when the computer froze it was just a blue screen but now after leaving it off for a day and turning it back on i have a thin blue line in the center of the screen, other than that it doesn’t look that much dimmer than what it used to be, or if any now that it’s cooled down i think it looks alot bright than yesterday. my friend saids its ok because his lcd tv has it too, so i guess its alright now.
thanks for all the help everyone!