OH OH MR. Kotter! got my 1213 in today!

from newegg…retail black. has a nice bundle power dvd5 is a plus since all the others were shipping 4 still. now time to play with omni…gonna use RDGs modified omni fw…

Do you still have the YUDEN000T02 disc that came with the drive? If so, can I buy it from you?

Why would you want to buy one disc? I’ve still got the discs that came with my drive… Not sure if I want to part with them, though. ^^

ya i have it…hehe did you get yours?

Who’s Mr. Kotter?

Anyway, I, too, got my 1213S today. Been playing with it non-stop for the past 6 hours. :slight_smile:

Anyway… here are some pics…

Haha, they stuck the CD Freaks best value award given to the 811S on the side of their box!

Now this is precious: a YUDEN000T02. Can be burned at 12x in the stock firmware. Unfortunately, mine came scratched. And I also killed it in an unfortunate experiment that I would’ve avoided had I been smart and sacrificed a Prodisc first instead. :sad:

Top label…

Drive front looks identical to my 451S. At least they’re consistent. :wink:

The drive burns with a green blink. That is so annoying!

Here’s my very first burn: a PRODISCR02 burned at 4x using the stock TS08 firmware. Oh, BTW, my drive came with TS05. That changed pretty quickly. :wink:

Perfect burn. Plays fine in my laptop. But then again, this is 4x, mind you.

Scanned in my 451S@832S VS08, 4x CLV:

Same disc, rescanned in my new 1213S, TS08, 4x CLV

Same disc, rescanned in my new 1213S, TS08, 8x CAV

Guess rdgrimes isn’t the only one with scan consistency problems. Since I’ve always used my 451S@832S for all my scanning, I’ll keep using that in the future. Dunno what to make of the 1213S’s scan results, esp. that 4x CLV one. :eek:

aye im getting scan issues too way whacked! started in the low pis now busting 400. so we can look forward to autobitsetting soon too right? :stuck_out_tongue:

how did you get the scan to go into cav mode cause it looks pretty close to your 832 one?

and if your not as old as I you probably dont remember Arnold Horshack. :wink:

welcome back kotter was a tv show (check nick at night for you youngins).

No more red light for burning?

But I think the red and green light idea is very elegant, kind of reminds me how I used to love traffic lights when I was a little kid

Guess rdgrimes isn’t the only one with scan consistency problems.

I’ve not seen any evidence of “inconsistancy” in scans, beyond what is seen in any drive. Topic has been beat to death in many threads, it’s the disc, not the drive causing varying scans. Once again, errors are errors, if they are reported then they occurred. :wink:
The 1213 seems designed to read at high speed, so you may well get scans at 8x CAV (not max) that are more to your liking. But only on some media. You may also find that scans at 2x will more closely resemble 8x scans, I haven’t tested that out yet, and probably wont. I use 4x scanning on the 1213 because it often (but not always) reports higher errors than 8x. I figure that if a disc causes trouble at 4x, I don’t want it. If a disc has you baffled, scan it at 2x or 1x. Or do a transfer rate test to see how it acts.

On the whole, the 3 series drive seems to be a terrific reader and reports fewer PI/PO on a given disc than my 811, but not on every disc.

I have a hunch that as we burn DVD’s faster and faster, we may see more of this weird stuff when reading them.

I agree that we are close to hitting a wall with speeds…my external usb2/firewire on 3 different computers cannot write even at 12x. all top end computers with sata drives etc. id say the limit will be 16x for existing hardware etc.

Here’s a Prodisc R02 that I zapped at 12x… modified firmware + R03 strategy… surprised that it actually read back on my laptop.

Scanned back on my 451S@832S for consistency.

I must be missing something… How do you specify whether KProbe scans w/ CAV or CLV?

It’s implicitly set.

On the 1S and 2S drives, setting speeds of 4x will be CLV. 6x and 8x are ZCLV. Max will be CAV.

On the 3S drives, speeds of 4 are CLV. Haven’t tried 6x. 8x and higher is CAV.

6x is CAV.

I don’t have much time for this stuff right now (over my ears in work), but I want to repeat what I mentioned in the scanning speed thread and at CDRLabs: A lot of discs show a tremendous difference (like an order of magnitude or more) in the reported error rates between CLV and CAV (e.g. 6x) even at the portion of the CAV scan where the speed is 4x.

rdgrimes is right that this occurs for discs that are “marginal”. However, to determine that, a scan doesn’t necessarily help and a transfer rate test isn’t enough either- both my drives (the 1213S and a LTD 163) usually read these at full speed. The only way to really find out is to actually read each file, e.g. with a CRC check program.


Interesting pics and scans code.
Very comical that they put a cdfreaks logo on the side of the box.
At first, I thought you had photoshopped it on there or something… :stuck_out_tongue:
From one point of view, the cdfreaks logo on the box is actually promoting the concept of ‘hacking’ your drive. :eek:

like they dont know :stuck_out_tongue: they dont care they want sales… same reason motherboard manufacturers are catering to the overclockers…all have risks…and if you break your drive or motherboard guess what its not covered by the warrenty…so then they sell another product. :bigsmile:

i have to disagree with my 1213 drive…at 4x or 6x or 2x my scans are way off from my 812 and im talking Yuden disks that were burned with my nec so i know they are good. and i know my 812 is pretty damn accurate. id say its more a bug in thier diagnostic mode or they changned the way they are reporting data and kprobe2 is not geared for it who knows all i can tell you is the scans are way off.

but also ive noticed at 8x this drive seems to scan like the 4x on my 812 i will investigate this further. :iagree: