Oh oh i'm i in trouble with the canadian riaa

Unfortunately, as the BSA part of the E-mail posted above is cut off, I am not fully sure what their plans are, however it appears that this is basically a warning asking you to immediately stop sharing out that unauthorised software. If they were to take action, I would expect some sort of written letter to have arrived by registered post.

If you have the original discs for Windows XP Professional (or even Home), there are several guides on the Internet to slipstream Service Pack 2 into it to create a bootable Windows XP SP2 disc. The following link shows one guide I came across just from Googling:


Unfortunately, slipstreaming patches and other updates into a bootable CD is a little bit more tricky and am fairly certain that any downloadable versions of Windows XP you will come across will not contain patches slipstreamed into them. What I normally do is put all the patches into a single folder and create a batch file to automatically install the patches. The following link shows all the switches to use for each patch such that no user interaction is required while the batch file runs through the patches: :slight_smile:


umm. The DCMA in the statesis mcuh worse there. The **AA will come after you, here the CRIA might not do anything, but IF they do something that COULD happen. Most likely Rogers will cancel his internet service for violating the TOS.

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i’ve been popped twice by my isp for offering movies/software… i dont do it anymore, but after i promised them i would not do it anymore they resored my connection… and that was the last i heard from them…

Change your ISP asap or use freenet (Frost) or mule for a months. If they sue you get a lawyer asap and insurance.

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insurance first (like: right now!), lawyer when necessary.

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my suggestion is quite simply use an encypted p2p file sharing program
if they come after you they will have been obtaining information illegally

good luck

First, stop hosting those damn torrent files. Second, take a break (or stop) from downloading illegal things.

Legally speaking, you were served a warning from your ISP on behalf of the CRIA. That doesn’t mean you’re in legal trouble yet, it just means they’re watching you and wanted to give you a heads up.

In a nutshell this is what happened:

RICA snoops around torrent sites, finds your torrent
RICA: Hey ISP company, this guy has an illegal file. We have proof!
Rogers: Oh really? Well that’s against our terms of services. We’ll take care of this.
Rogers sends you an email

That’s it. If you get a court order, then you know the CRIA is taking action against you. They haven’t done that yet. I don’t think they will unless you continue. Most likely this was a warning. Now they they know you’re an offender, they can watch you. If they have to report it again to the ISP, they’ll probably take action.

If I were you, I’d just cancel your ISP account with this company. If you want to keep your ISP, then I suggest seeing a lawyer about this.

When I got one of those emails from my ISP (Demon Internet, in the UK) I sent them one back which said “OK, it’s a fair cop, I won’t do it again. Mind you, you can tell them [the organisation that reported my transgression] that they can shove the DMCA up their ass”.

I never got a response.

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