Oh oh i'm i in trouble with the canadian riaa

this is the e-mail i got today


Rogers Cable (Rogers) has received a notice stating that activities
associated with your IP address are infringing copyright in material(s)
owned or exclusively licensed by others.

The relevant portions of the notice are appended to this e-mail.

Under the Rogers Yahoo! Hi-Speed Internet End User Agreement (EUA) and
Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), you are prohibited from using the Rogers
Yahoo! Hi-Speed Internet service to engage in illegal activities,
including activities that infringe copyright. Copies of our EUA and AUP are
available at:


Where there has been a violation of our EUA and/or AUP, including the
unauthorized distribution of copyright-protected material, Rogers has
the right to take appropriate action against you.

If you have any questions about the attached copyright notice, please
contact the sender of the notice using the contact information provided
in the notice. Please do not reply to this e-mail.

We trust you will comply with our policies and all applicable laws in
using the Rogers Yahoo! Hi-Speed Internet service.


EUA Management Team
Rogers Yahoo Hi-Speed Internet


oftware Alliance (BSA) and The Canadian Alliance Against Software Theft (CAAST) has determined that the connection listed below,
which appears to be using an Internet account under your control, is using a
BitTorrent network to offer unlicensed copies of copyrighted computer
programs published by the BSA’s and CAAST’s member companies.

Site Details:

Date Found: 18 Jun 2005 04:37:30 EDT (GMT -0400)
Network: BTPeers
IP Address: xx.xxx.xx.x
IP Port: 16881
Protocol: BitTorrent

Content being offered:

Filesize: 693,544k

The above computer program(s) is/are being made available for copying,
through downloading, at the above location without authorization from the

Based upon BSA’s and CAAST’s representation of the copyright owners in
anti-piracy matters, we have a good faith belief that none of the
materials or activities listed above have been authorized by the rightholders,
their agents, or the law. BSA and CAAST represent that the information in this
notification is accurate and states, under penalty of perjury, that it is
authorized to act in this matter on behalf of the copyright owners listed

We hereby give notice of these activities to you and request that you
take expeditious


I dunno about Canada, but I had a friend in the USA that had a similar email from his ISP. After he received the email, he stopped hosting/downloading/uploading copyrighted work, and they left him alone. :iagree:

From now on dont upload Copyrighted material and you should be fine

it’s not the RIAA, but rather the BSA…

delete it and don’t p2p copyrighted material for a few months…i’m not sure what Microsoft’s actions have been lately with regard to p2p’ing their OS (haven’t heard much about lawsuits against end-users) but my humble guess is the worst than can happen is your ISP drops you and you have to find another…

oh, this just depends on how much pain you can suffer! :bigsmile:

I used to download movies and people who are uploading using BT were getting these all the time. If you get a couple of them then that’s when you should be afraid.

People are so against leeching but uploading is why you even get this kind of letter in the first place. I personally would take leeching over uploading and getting sued.


Well, you could always start using Peer Guardian, keep the lists up-to-date, and keep your fingers crossed. They have a pretty good database of BSA computers. :slight_smile:

ROFL ahahahahahahahahahahahahahah :bigsmile: :iagree: ok…
just do what i do now day’s as i used revconnect so i got to share to get in to good hubs so i share… DOWNLOADED DEMO"S :bigsmile:
easyer way to share and get what you want. :iagree:

Who’s fault is that, though?

It reminds me of the Schapelle Corby trial. She knew the consequences of her actions, but still carried 4kg of marijuana through an airport. Then when she got busted, she worried about it THEN.

If you want to do something illegally, think about the consequences, and the chances of you getting caught; then go and do it if you wish.

Don’t ask forum members, ask a lawyer. That way you will get the right
answer instead of alot of guessing from people that think they know the

Schapelle Corby … claims that the pot was stuffed in her luggage by someone else. Honestly, who expects to SNEAK 10 pounds of pot past the dogs at the airport? I don’t think she did it, and she CERTAINLY didn’t get a fair trial. 20 years in a 3rd world prison? Nice. :frowning:

This is true, too. A lot of us are only familiar with the USA. Down here you can pretty much ignore those letters, or if they demand a response you can say “so sorry, deleted it, thanks”.

The worst thing that can happen?

Dear NinjaXXX , thank you for you for posting. Now we have your ip address and confirmation you deliberately offered people illegal copyrighted material.

We will arrest you and put you in a cell with a 9 foot tall man named “Ted” who wil show you how much he loves you.


Who’s mummy & who’s daddy :eek:

They can only arrest/fine you if they have evidence that you were uploading data and not downloading. They also need to trace those data packets and say where and who did you upload those packets too. I’m assuming they got you uploading a whole copy of the iso to some one and are now going to put you in court.

The worst thing that can happen to you is they put you in jail. However that is used in extream cases. At most the CRIA and Microsoft will fine you in court for several thousand dollars.

My advice to you is call a lawyer.

Seriously? That’s what a letter from your ISP means in Canada? Holy CRAP! And you people pick on the USA!

Dude, ninja, WTFWTFWTF were you thinking. Using an internet connection to distribute/receive ILLEGAL copies of MICROSOFT(I.E. the most powerful software company in the world). These people can see every keystroke you type on the keyboard. I hope for your sake that Microsoft is uninvolved, because if they get involved, your computer will more than likely be traced whatever new ISP you get. I will now stop letting you know how ridiculous it was of you to distribute/receive bootleg copies of Microsoft to people when there is an ever increasing number of people out there who get paid to ask people for bootlegs, and then turn them in.What I would do is call a lawyer. A good one too. Dont do ANY p2ping for a long time. Hell, unless youre sending an email to your family, or something innocent, dont even get on the internet. If you start feeling a craving for music from the internet, then go to a library and spend some time on their computer.BEST ADVICE, DONT P2P for a while.

Peer Guardian is a waste of time if you ask me. I don’t think much will happen because of this but then that’s easy for me to say, I’m not the one in potential trouble. I’d have to agree with the comment that you’d be better off asking a lawyer’s opinion, don’t start paying them any huge amounts of money or anything though.

Just stay squeeky clean for a few months, then change your ISP.

Ben :slight_smile:

i already have windows xp pro…it came with the computer i bought but i wanted to get a new version and not have to do a zillion updates…